1869: Patrick Whelan, Canada’s first assassin? 1942: Avraham Stern, a strange bedfellow

Themed Set: Unruly Britannia

February 12th, 2008 Headsman

The United Kingdom came out on the winning side of World War II, but its hold on its globe-spanning territorial dominions was irrevocably weakened. As its own imperial offspring, the United States, took up the hegemon’s place, British colonies started breaking free — and those social and political sunderings frequently brought violence.

The next two days’ executions were true calendar neighbors, merely hours apart in 1942, as an empire at the end of its run fought for its survival.

On this day..

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3 thoughts on “Themed Set: Unruly Britannia”

  1. Debauchee69 says:

    It generally takes 100 years for the truth to come out, what with all the lies, misgotten patriotism, muddled memories, etc. During WWI, all sides executed their soldiers. The worst was the Italians, followed by the French. During WWII, the highest rate of murder of POWs by POWs were American POWS—just how we are!!!

    So CPT Heenan got popped for spying and after bragging about killing his guards, the guards killed him. Oh Well!!! I love reading the small things/screw ups of WWII—such as the official report on the loss of the CL HMAS Sydney II by a Q Ship, no less

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