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1997: Ricky Lee Green

October 8th, 2008 Headsman

On this date in 1997, serial killer Ricky Lee Green died by lethal injection in Texas.

The radiator repairman was executed specifically for castrating and stabbing to death Steven Fefferman in 1986, but he killed at least three other people — two women and a 16-year-old boy — and investigators associated his m.o. with up to eight other unsolved murders. (Green also copped to another murder after his conviction, possibly to help another man, William Chappell, avoid execution. It didn’t work; Chappell was executed for that crime in 2002.)

“They all deserved it. They were kind of the dregs of society.”

“A Jekyll and Hyde thing” is how Green’s true-crime biographer characterized him — a lifetime of physical and sexual abuse and a drug habit dating to childhood had seriously warped the dude.

And the most famous serial killer from tiny Boyd, Texas might’ve kept getting away with it if wasn’t for his darn estranged wife.

Someone sure was grateful for Sharon Dollar Green’s help: even though she’d participated in some of the murders, she shopped hubby and skated with ten years’ probation as more Green’s victim than his accomplice.

Green went the popular “death row conversion” route while awaiting the inevitable, or so — atheists in foxholes and all — maintained his last statement.

I want to thank the Lord for giving me this opportunity to get to know Him. He has shown me a lot and He has changed me in the past two months.

I have been in prison 8 1/2 years and on death row for 7, and I have not gotten into any trouble. I feel like I am not a threat to society anymore. I feel like my punishment is over, but my friends are now being punished.

I thank the Lord for all He has done for me.

I do want to tell the …

But the lethal cocktail had begun, and the sentiment went to the grave with Ricky Lee Green.

On this day..

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40 thoughts on “1997: Ricky Lee Green”

  1. Tabitha Bailey says:

    I am Sandra Bailey’s niece Michael Dean Bailey is her brother he is my father and I miss her so much she was my favorite aunt she had a good soul very sweet.why would anyone be so evil ..to take a life and did not even care .I’m sure Sharon green.will pay for what she has done and I don’t care how scared her friends think she was of Ricky is always a way out she worked she could have gotten out sooner I think she was just a murderer like he was I think she enjoyed it just as much as he did their sick people and one day she will stand before God and be judged her punishment hasn’t even began yet.. rest in peace Aunt Sandra we love you and miss you we will see you again one day…

  2. Charlene says:

    I adopted her son when he was six weeks old. I had known Sandy since she was a child. I knew her mother Ruby. Ruby and my parents were friends. I am in my sixties.now and not in the best health. I would like you to know the child Sandra bore and named Allen Dewayne Bailey. I raised.is a wonderful man and having to tell him about Sandas death.is by far the hardest things I ever had to do. I waited until he was grown to tell him. He has never met any of her family other than his grandma Ruby prior to her passing. His name now is Robert Wayne Butler. I love him as much as if I had given him birth. I was unable to have children so Sandy asked me to raise him. I did.but there are so many questions that I can’t answer. Feel free to put a line or two to my email address. Butlercm@ymail. Com. I am in Texas as is Robert

  3. Daughter says:

    Love you mother! ( Sandra Bailey)

    Having anger and hate in your heart make you no better then Ricky Lee Green or Sharon. Sharon has to live with the truth. She has to wake up everyday and go to bed knowing what she did. The day will come when she has to answer to her daughter and to God. The day will come when her daughter looks her in the face and says I was there you did it – why? Rick Lee Green is no longer here! Therefore he has no power to hurt anyone else. I learned a very long time to forgive is to heal. It doesn’t mean you have to like it or excepted it but it does mean you have to move on with you own life. If you stay angry and bitter you’ll live a bitter and angry life. Don’t give Rick Lee Green and Sharon that power anymore!

    1. Tammy Howard says:

      My brother was his first victim, the 16 year old Jeffrey Lynn Davis. Sharon ordered his killing according to the book Blood Rush. Sharon now Sharon Lardi Bond lives FOUR MINUTES FROM ME!!! I’ve been making ALLOT of noise about it all. Amazon had the book Blood Rush new for over $900.00. Another company had it new for over $400.00. I sure wished I could share those screen shot with you of those companies. That’s exploiting if you ever seen it. The same county that Ricky Lee Green lived in now has my son in their jail. Who was concieved about the same day my brother was murdered. He was born nine months later and was a prophecy to me because the Dr said I could not have children. I had many complication with priors. But it happened the same way the evangelist that I had never met until that day said it would. (I grew to know him well and love him very much) . Everyone knows what they have been doing to me yet nothing. They retaliated against me and began gaslighting and community gangstalking because of what I know and I wouldn’t shut up. It’s much bigger story than this but don’t have the time for a book right now. It’s a dangerous world out here folks!!!!

      1. riley coltrane says:

        Yes but there is catch to this bloody mess…. the other bodies and rather this was part of bigger system….did this begin with his father… were they apart of an order…. in essence (if) there are 8 bodies buried some where…. i have a pretty good idea where there at…. at sharon dollar green knows where there at and so does here child?….. (HOWEVER THIS IS ALL FOR THE MONEY) CONTACT…. Black Race Horse Haynes at 469 989 4590
        quick before I sell out

  4. annonymous says:

    i knew sharon and her daughter sarah years after the murders. i have also read the book. it’s hard to know who to believe. whether sharon was involved or not no one knows but her. i do know this, everyone in our town knew what she was accused of. she still went by the name ‘dollar’. she never got in any trouble or did anything wrong the entire time i knew her and it was hard to even imagine that she had anything to do with the things that were written about in the book. i am not defending her…i do not know what true, only what i’ve heard. I can tell u that she didn’t change her name and hide from what she did…she may have wanted to keep it a secret but it wasn’t..the whole town knew and even her daughter was treated badly. i am still in touch with sarah but we have never talked about any of this. green has his side and sharon has hers but i’m sure the TRUTH is somewhere in the middle. i think she was probably forced into alot, but i also think she could have done many things to help save those lives, and she chose not to..maybe outta fear, maybe not…but the outcome was still the same and ppl lost their lives and other lives were destroyed and disrupted including sarah’s. i feel so terribly bad for all the victims and hope their families can find peace.

  5. Tina says:

    I was only 19 and very naive when meeting Sharon, we all must be aware of our surroundings at all times and dont trust anyone until we know for sure who they really are, had I met these guys a month earlier I could have been a victim also, you never know. My thoughts and prayers go out to all the family memebers of the murdered.
    God Bless!

  6. Tina says:

    I never met Ricky but Sharon I did know. I met her and she stayed at my apartment for about three months right after Ricky’s arrest. I have not read the book yet and didnt know he was a serial killer and his wife Sharon being involved.
    Sharon came to my place with a friend of mine that was a meth cook back in the late 80’s out in Leonard Tx. She had told me that her ex-husband was in jail and I assumed it was for drugs never in a million years would I have thought murder. She was really a sweet person and I spent 3 months with her driving her around to her friends Frans, a trailer she called her place that her clothes were and her ex-father in law who she feared to the of vommitting in my car on the way to his place.

    My friend named cotton dropped her at my apartment in North Dallas off of Coit and Beltline and said he would be back and pick her up the next day that he had some things to take care of. We didnt have cell phones back then or internet only used beepers to communicate along with home phones. Well after a few months I realized he wasnt comming back for her. One day she asked my to take her to her old place so she could pick up some of her things and I remember it being really far away and on our way I saw a store called Greens Automotive or Marina that Ricky’s father owned I think. She ran in this place so quick and grabbed a couple things and we were gone, she was terrified to death and this was a trailer but not in a trailer park. I remember her getting a tupper ware container and it had a bunch of old antique jewelry that we would go through and baggy up in sets ( matching necklace, bracelet and rings). One day she got a page from Ricky’s dad I think she called him Bill an went to a pay phone and called him back. She asked if i could give her a ride to Bills and if she didnt go now she would never she her daughter again, she feared this man so bad Ive never seen nothing like it. On the way there she told me to wait in the car. She said Bill has her daughter right now and if she didnt do everthing he asked of her that he would killer her daughter and that he also makes her have sex with him ever time she goes over there. Bill was not the only one there either. She came out about a hour later and we left. She only went by there once while she stayed with me. We went by and visited her friend Fran several times who also didnt have a car because I would frive her around looking for what they called SKITZ ice. Which is soft crunchy ice from an ice machine at the corner of Midway and 635 at a 7-11 was one place we went for this ice. Fran was a black lady and she was nice also she lived in Las Colinas in an apartment but would always hang out in Motels and Hotels around Irving or Euless. After 3 months we realized Cotton wasnt comming back for Sharon and my Husband and I were moving into another apartment we aggreed that we would take her to Frans apartment to stay. Years later i found out Ricky was on death row for murdering a TV news reporter, but that was it no detail or nothing about anyone else until 2 years ago I pull it up on the internet and find out it was more than one murder and that Sharon had been responsible for turning him in. It wasnt until last week I read that he was one of Texas’s famous serial killers and that ther was a book written and that Sharon had been there on some of the murders. I know if she was there it would have been because she was to terrified that Ricky would kill her if she wasnt there. She was so scared of that intire family she probably didnt know how to get away. It was her that lead police to him and if she wouldnt had gone to the police when she did there could have been a lot more murders. Because it wasnt just Ricky she feared but also the father of Ricky and he did have her daughter at that time and was probably in fear for her life as well. Sharon was a victim for years and didnt deserve any of this either. I wish I knew where she was today and if she’s doing okay. Im going to get the book today and raed it.

  7. Amanda Pettway says:

    I just want to say this…I grew up with this man as my babysitter…..he and Sharon and her daughter Sarah. I was left with this man countless times, and now all I can think about is….I am so lucky it wasn’t me!

  8. Tammy Howard says:

    Im not sure where Sharon is.. But its appaling to me that she only got ten years probation too. Its a slap in the face to all the victims. My brother (16yrs old) was Ricky and Sharons first victim. WE miss him terriably. I pray that God will see fit to judge her here on this earth as well as in the after life. God bless all of you for your post and your warm wishes and heart felt condolences..

  9. Sava says:

    Where is Sharon? Did she run back to her parents and change her name? Now she gets to live the rest of her life somewhere where no one really heard what she did. I think I feel most sorry for her daughter Sara. I babysitted her one evening while Sharon and Ricky went clubbing (aka looking for victims) and the poor little thing just went beserk when it got late and I tried to put her to bed. She was inconsolable and scared and I just couldn’t understand why. She had my own daughter tucked in with her who was about 3 years older. A few months later it became clear. That poor child was in their trailer while Sharon and Ricky raped and murdered. Not a big trailer Sara had to hear it. Then she had to ride in the back of the car in the middle of the night while they drove with the body in the trunk and then stop and dump the victim. This on at least two occasions. Hope you are reading Sharon – you aren’t fooling anybody!!!

  10. Claudia says:

    Just finished reading Blood Rush, and I have to say that Bill Green created evil and is heart breaking. However there are million of child abuse survivors that never kill. Instead they use their life experience to help prevent child abuse and educate people on the dangers of child abuse.
    Dave Pelzer is a fine example (Author of the book A child Called It) God Bless all that have suffered at the hands of an abuser and give peace to the families of the murdered victims.

  11. Diane says:

    There is so much pain and that is from only one of the victims in this story.Myself i feel a great injustice has been done as far as Sharon Dollar goes! There is no doubt the only reason she came forward was to save her own ass.I strongly feel she is very much a threat to society.I try to envision what i might do in same situation & without a doubt i would have NEVER stayed and contributed if i was as innocent as she claims.One comforting thing is that she WILL pay for her very evil sins

  12. teresa says:

    i met ricky when i was a young child, and even as a child i knew instantly that he was evil..i could sense it and i was very scared of him. i feared for my lil brother and mother that lived with him at the time,( before he was with sharon). my mother, was raped and beaten and had a knife held to her throat by ricky. my mother was very scared of him and finally got away from him. the cops did nothing to help her , she and my brother moved to hide from him. i want to tell all the victims families how sorry i am for there loss. it sickens me that you had to go through this pain. and i pray for your peace. im so sorry this evil entered your lives. i pray god watches over you and holds you close to him.

  13. Fiz says:

    Tim, it is very brave of you to come and post here. You are not responsible for what your brother did and I wish you peace.

  14. Tim Green says:

    To all the families that Ricky shattered. I can do nothing to change what he did or that I did. Nor can I change anything else that my family has done. Yes Ricky was my brother. I’m sorry for what’s happen. I pray for forgiveness and hope that everyone is delivered from their pain, anger, and suffering. God loves each and everyone of us.

    1. Susan McKinney Zingrich says:

      Tim, I was wondering a little more about your parents and grandparents. With the ‘abuse’ that happened to Ricky as a young boy, did the marriages hold together or did the partners of these men see that there was a problem? I certainly hope that none of this happened to you or your other siblings.

    2. Tamara says:

      What happened to Perry and Debbie Green. I was friends with Debbie and had moved out of the area when this went down.

  15. teresa green says:

    i lived across ways from him and his wife and stepdaughter,…on Brinehill dr. ,…when his wife turned him in,……he had the same hammer he took and bashed the wall in ,…that he used to kill those weman cause they found blood,….he was a sick man

  16. Sandra Bailey says:

    My name is Sandra Bailey i am the niece of Sandra Lorraine Bailey..David bailey her brother is my father. I was named after her and i never got a chance to meet her but i wish i could have.Just typing this gives me the chills. IUm glad they put him to death but i wish they would have executed him the way he did to those he murdered! I would live to meet the man claiming to be her son. You have a huge family that would love to meet you. As for Sharon Green i hope you get whats coming to you!

  17. Brittany Bailey says:

    My name is Brittany Bailey, Sandra Bailey was my aunt and my dad was her brother who identified her body the day it was found. I would really like to meet the man who claims to be her son and Im sure my dad would like to as well. And to sharon (RICKYS WIFE, that walked away with only probation) I hope you burn in hell for what you did, you deserve the same as Ricky. Also, Aunt Shirley call me, I miss you



    Your niece Brittany and nephew Darryll Bailey

  18. Debbie Williams says:

    The system let someone go thru the cracks, that is Ricky Lee Green got the Death Sentence and his wife gets only 10 years probation. She should have received death also. God Bless to all the families who have lost someone by these sick peoples hands.

    1. riley coltrane says:

      she is not thru the cracks cause the bodies have been found… just a matter of connecting the Maze…

  19. Thanks to a person that was with her the night that Sandra “my sister” was murderd. Her life was not spared but others could have been if she would have given the information that she had to authorities. And the accomplice would not have gotten away with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. bobby l garrett says:

    i grew up with sandra an cathy baily in northside of fort worth i also knew ricky green i feel sorry for sandra an all the pain that ya are going thurgh drugs change people for the worst i did them for years meath weed ect they are no good save a life manly a childs life kill a dope dealer an save a life for all u dope cooks out there with all ur talants u can make more money using the affinaty table to come up with cures to save lives instead of destoreing weomen an childrens lives be men not cowerds if i can change i know u can to most of u know me some of u have tride to kill me . i have god to thank for not letting that happen an a whole lot of luck u handlers of snakes are real smart i have to give props wear they are do use ur talents god gave u to change the world u have the power to do it

  21. Jose Manuel says:

    How can it allow himself in USA that people of the street without any penal knowledge give, so happily, sentences of death? the jury is a authenticates trap, a deceit, and they are also easily governable people, it has always been demonstrated. They will always move for their prejudices, if they are racist or not, if the accused is ugly, handsome or …. I find horrible to leave the destination of a human being in people’s group ignorant and partial that they are not judges, lawyers and fiscal.

    Another thing like you have stomach in USA for to be able to see an execution? it is incredible, it seems that you will watch a movie in the cinema, alone you lack the popcorns and the coca-cola. Honestly you seem bad people, you want it to you to give of Christian, of believing a lot in God and in Jesus, but you same to kill a human being and to see like that person dies, slowly, suffering and with the horror in her face ……. although has happened 20 years or more in the jail and be not neither the murderer’s rake that was. what do you make when you have killed to an innocent one? will you ask for forgiveness to their mother, father, brothers, family, friends….?
    Lastly citizens of USA you don’t forget that you will never see a millionaire in the death row… NEVER!! you pray so that your rotten and unjust judicial system never has to point out you with the finger, because you will know what will mean that, YOUR END.

  22. Jose Manuel says:

    ¿como se puede permitir en USA que gente de la calle sin ningun conocimiento penal den, tan alegremente, sentencias de muerte? el jurado es una autentica trampa, un engaño, y ademas son gente fácilmente influenciable, se ha demostrado siempre. Siempre se moveran por sus prejuicios, si son racistas o no, si el acusado es feo, guapo o simpatico …. me parece un error terrible dejar el destino de un ser humano en un grupo de gente que no tiene ni idea de nada, que no son jueces, abogados y fiscales.
    Otra cosa ¿como tenéis estómago en USA para poder i a ver una ejecucion? es increible, parece que vayais a ver una pelicula en el cine, solo os falta las palomitas. Honestamente me pareceis mala gente, os la queréis dar de cristianos, de creer mucho en Dios y en Jesus, pero os dá igual matar a un ser humano y ver como muere aunque haya pasado 20 años o mas en la carcel y sea otra persona. ¿qué haceis cuando habeis matado a un inocente? ¿vais a pedirle perdon a su madre, padre, hermanos, familia, amigos ….?
    Por último ciudadanos de USA, no olvidéis que nunca vereis a un millonario en el corredor de la muerte … ¡¡NUNCA!! rezad para que vuestro podrido, injusto y vendido sistema judicial nunca os tenga que señalar con el dedo, porque sabréis lo que significará eso.

  23. Pkirklandharvey says:

    Ti the son of Sandra Bailey, My heart is broken reading what you have to say. I am you cousin, Your Mom and I was togeather the last night of her life. I want you to know She did love you! and she was a very fun, outgoing person to be around. anytime I can share any of many precious memeroies with you and youhave to do is look on my space and I am there, But you need to know she really was a beautiful person, who loved you and her other children. You also have a huge family that would love to be with you and get a chance to know you. Don’t think you hurt alone we all lost one very special lady in our family. I do hope to hear from, you

  24. rena presley says:

    hey there son of murdrerd this is rena ur cousin my mom was your ur moms sister look up my name i would like to meet u

  25. ktbailey says:

    To the son of the murder:

    I am your cousin in Houston. I was there throughout the case and I drove your autn (my mother) and your grandmother to watch the execution. Let me know Bobby if you would ever like to get to know your family who never got to know you. I have a lot of details and pics if you are interested.

  26. BAmaJAmasez says:

    The Romans killed Jesus…he did’nt do anything! Now we allow those who deserve to die to just sit and sit and sit and sit…eat and eat and eat and eat….watch television(cable)get a degree,get health care to prolong their life to just keep sitting and eating and watching cable TV and studing for their degrees.LIVING BETTER THAN THE HOMELESS!! I say this is wrong…..don’t you?

  27. son of the murderd says:

    sry about bad typeing anger clouds judgment .

  28. ShanghaiJohnnyP says:

    Sorry,But My Philosophy Concerning Most of the Inmates On Death Row Comes From William Holden in”The Wild Bunch”:”IF THEY MOVE…KILL EM’!!”.

  29. son of the murderd says:

    life is tourmented i was born from rape my mother sandra baley waas raped by six guys thuse i was born from hell . it drives me crazy every day to think some fucker is profiting from her murder and their story my given name was allen dewayne baley no longer though . her brest were cut from her chest and she was stabbed 36 times i hope you all fucking burn in hell or i can take you there . my heart filled with hate my mind destroyed . fuck you and fuck the world . i was put up for adoption b 4 her murder therefor i was not mentiond

  30. bear says:

    my best friend was kin to this guy if u read the book bloodrush u will c the names dona and melvin whose nickname is mouse… ive met dona and mouse and they both could give me a lil more info bout it… its a wonderful and frightening story! Id give it a ten

    1. Harley says:

      What is wonderful about this story? People get a charge out of this shit! I went to school with Ricky. I remember when we were in second grade he quit coming to school. The teacher told us he had an accident and lost his eye. His brother Perry was blamed. Come to find out years later it was his dad that did it. I was a friend to Ricky. He use to set behind me in the 3rd grade. I use to let him look at my spelling test answers so he would pass. NEVER did I know that child was in living hell nor did people where we were living. I was friends with Dona Lee and Mousie was my first boyfriend. I knew them well. I went to parties at the Marine shop that they owned when I was a teenager. No one knew to my knowledge the hell these kids were living in. I was living in Arizona when all this happened. But I can tell you if I would of seen Ricky I would of treated him with kindness as I always did. Some abused kids grow up and help others. Some do not.
      We that have never experienced that kind of abuse cannot say what we would do if we were in the same shoes. That boy was broken at an early age. Does that excuse what he did? HELL NO! As adults we have to pay the consequences for our actions. He was executed for what he did. Sharon on the other hand walked away with probation. She should have gotten the same sentence. There is no excuse for what they both had done. Wonder after all these years how her daughter is doing?
      Tim, Ricky’s brother committed murder also. These kids were doomed from the minute they were born. Like their uncle said…God has a son named Jesus…Satan has a son and his name is Bill Green!

  31. callie says:

    Lol- Fiz, that is funny- sorry plenty of Atheists in prison- I visit there often…when was the last time you stopped by?

  32. Fiz (UK) says:

    There is that! Who was it who was hanged in Russia in a plot against Tsar Alexander III , and the rope broke, and as he was finally hanged the victim said sadly,” Stupid country, where they do not know how to hang”?

  33. Headsman says:

    I wouldn’t want to judge the secrets of another’s heart without some good polling data.

    What about nihilists?

  34. Fiz (UK) says:

    Funny how there are no atheists in prison, don’t you think?

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