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1972: The rapists of Maggie dela Riva

May 17th, 2009 Headsman

On this date in 1972, Jaime Jose, Basilio Pineda and Edgardo Aquino were electrocuted* in Muntinlupa for the gang-rape of actress Maggie de la Riva (or dela Riva) five years before.

The rising young actress had scarcely wavered after the assault before courageously making the always-fraught rape charge against a quartet** of attackers themselves from elite families. (The particulars are recounted in the Supreme Court ruling.)

J’accuse! Maggie de la Riva identifies two of the culprits just five days after her gang rape. Talk about facing your accuser; according to the accompanying article, “the frail-looking mestiza was a picture of righteous indignation as she extended her arms, showed her bruises, and asked Pineda, pointedly: ‘Do you remember these?'”

The case was a media sensation from day one. The Philippine film blog Video 48 republished a three-part series on the rapists’ capture (parts 1 and 2) and execution (part 3), complete with the desperate efforts of the offenders’ families to save them.

The victim herself continued her acting career.

Decades later, she’s still a public personality, and seems to have made peace with and moved on from her famous ordeal with impressive equanimity.

When that misfortune happened to me, I realized that although my body was raped my true self was never defiled and that there’s another person in me that’s beautiful, strong and true. The old Maggie has faded away. I look at my experience as something that happened to someone else who is no longer the person I am today. (Source)

* The Philippines adopted use of the electric chair in the early 20th century from the U.S., its colonial ruler at the time. It’s the only country besides the United States to have used the chair.

** One of the four condemned to death for the rape, Rogelio Canial, died in prison of a drug overdose several months before the executions.

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73 thoughts on “1972: The rapists of Maggie dela Riva”

  1. Ibalik ang tamang katarungan sa mga inaapi’t pinagsasamantalahan! Si Marcos ang nagbigay-buhay sa Silya Electrika upang bitayin ang mga salaring halang ang mga bituka…Ibalik si Hukom-Bitay…actually, God installed Hukom-Bitay upang puksain ang lahat ng mga alagad ng dimonyo na nakasuot ng mga magagandang damit, underwear at Amerkana suites. He-he-he…pinagtatawanan tayo ng mga alagad ng krimen…

  2. Weldon Reyes says:

    Those rapist deserved the electric chair. Just because they came from affluent family they thought they were above the law. Thank you president Marcos, you were a great president.

  3. jack says:

    Let the convicted rapists go to jail and by today’s system, they too will be raped in return by their own criminal kind.
    From day one until their last serving day.
    Serves these bastards right.

  4. edgar says:

    how about the gang rape of Paloma by the 2 Soto’s, richie d horse and joey deleon. the case was settled but the victim committed suicide because she can’t take it no more.

    now richie de horsey passed away (maybe KARMA) and who is the next in line… just asking.

    1. chaezel says:

      tito sen will be the next

  5. sarah says:

    God made men to care and to protect women not to use them as materials……..don’t these rapist got any moral feelings like this is wrong or just to satisfy their flesh they’ll go at any cause by not thinking what harm they are bringing in punishment for such culprits should be capital punishment

  6. angie says:

    Rapists deserve to die!

  7. C.Ramos says:

    Women generally deserve to be highly appreciated and deeply respected for in the creation the FEMALE WlLL is the beginning and the end. . .

  8. jose says:

    Maggie went straight to Malacanang palace to complain directly to the president. THANK GOD it was President Ferdinand Marcos.

    1. Paul Garcia says:

      Why? What do you think would have happened if it were another President?

  9. IYEN says:

    Bakit sa panahon natin ngayon wala pang naconvict na mayaman puro n lang nadismissed ang kaso dahil may inpluwensya at may pera dahil mayaman cla,tayong mga mahirap ndi pa napa2tunayan n may kasalanan convict na agad.tama lang yan n may bitay para matakot ang lahat n gumawa ng masama sa kapwa nila mayamam o mahirap.saludo po q kay mr. president marcos nakamit ni ms. maggie dela riva ang hustiya sa truma at bangu2ot na dinanas po ninyo saludo po ako sa lakas ng loob at pani2wala ipaglaban ang karapatan ntin mga kaba2ihan.thanks po god bless !

  10. jhey says:


    simple lang yan. ikaw ano gagawin mo un anak mong babae nirape? dun sa taong nangrape sa kanya sinira un kinabukasan ng anak mo? ano gagawin mo? di nga pinatay pero pinagsamantalahan..

  11. BOOOOOOM !!! says:

    jaime is a rapist …. enuf said !!! boooom !!! respect for the decision of maggie and late Pres. Marcos.

  12. maria teresa norman says:

    Ok,ang share ko dito:Ang Dios ay nagbigay ng batas o authority sa tao na mamahala.Ngunit tayong mga tao ay hindi kayang pamahalaan ang govt dahil sa kabulukan at out of 100 percent,5 percent lang ang tanging kakayahang gawin ng ating govt,tanggapin man natin ito o hindi,ngunit ito ang katotohanan.Mga readers,para po sa akin,hindi nga makatuwiran na gawaran ng bitay ang nagkasala,ngunit sa karumal dumal na ginawa nila sa mga biktima,hindi lamang kay Bb Maggie,para sa aking pananaw ay tama lang maipakita sa mga nagnanais gumawa ng krimen ang isang halimbawa na hinatol ng ating dating Presidente Marcos.Kayo man po ang lumagay sa katayuan ng biktimang Maggie,ano ang gagawin nyo? OO ang Dios ang may karapatang humatol ng kamatayan sa mga balakyot,ngunit isa itong magandang halimbawa para sa mga nagnanasa sa kapwa,upang di na sana maulit pa ito,ngunit ang kasamaan ay patuloy magpa hanggang sa ngayon,kaya mga kababaihan,ibayong pag iingat,wag magtiwala at laging manalangin,dahil ang salarin ay laging nag aabang na parang gutom na hayup sa parang.Ang nararapat na gawin ng isang tao ay manalangin,sapgkat ang panalangin ay isang panlaban,the most deadly weapon ang prayer,lagi bago tayo umalis ng bahay at bago umuwi,bago matulog sa gabi,sapagkat ang Dios ay hindi bingi at ang lahat ng kasamaan ay may hangganan,tandaan ninyo yan.Tama lang nasila ay nabitay!

  13. gelaii says:

    wat happen to the four are them are deserving for there sentence…

  14. Hukom-bitay says:

    js Says:
    October 4th, 2012 at 12:34 am
    sa rape case ni maggie ,dahil hindi siya pinatay kung sa america nangyari yung rape na yun maari 25 years ang sentence bawat isa sa kanila ,within 12-14 years sa loob ,ma paparole sila with good behavior ,malas lang nila walanghiya yung presidente naka upo noon..

    Excuse me…di lang naman si Maggie ang na rape nila marami pang biktima right after na sinabi niya to in public….Kahit sa US naman cguro mangyari to ganyan din magiging sentence nila……Don’t blame the president..I guess kung marami man siyang kapalpakan this is one of the best decision na nangyari sa mga rapist na yun……quote and quote “WALANG GANYAN SA STATES!!!!”

  15. js says:

    sa rape case ni maggie ,dahil hindi siya pinatay kung sa america nangyari yung rape na yun maari 25 years ang sentence bawat isa sa kanila ,within 12-14 years sa loob ,ma paparole sila with good behavior ,malas lang nila walanghiya yung presidente naka upo noon..

    1. willis says:

      u better read the whole story and find out that the president doesn’t have a hand in convicting them. they’re the ones who made this crime for themselves and not the president.

      1. Lil says:

        weel said will

        1. Ian Cyrus E. Barcelos says:

          Formerly, we adopt the use of Electric Chair introduced by the Americans. Why we suggest it instead to PDu30 to adopt it the Electric Chair again, just we did before, and also the mandatory revival of Firing Squad, since nowadays, the People’s Republic of China now implented Firing Squad as form of punishment against Criminals. It both stopped after 1987 Constitution came to power, giving Druglords, Thieves, Shameless Government Officials, Criminals, Rapists, and those who made the majority of the Filipino People suffer. Farmers are also being fed with bullets instead giving them Agricultural Projects.

    2. jv says:

      JS, mas walanghiya yung pumalit, at hindi presidente ang humatol sa kanila, yung judge, isip isp din pag may time

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