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2005: Mahmoud Asgari and Ayaz Marhoni, gay teens

July 19th, 2009 Headsman

On this date in 2005, two teenagers were hanged in Mashhad, Iran.

Affecting photos of these two youths, their faces etched in fright and grief, their 16- and 18-year-old bodies pitifully boyish next to their executioners, became an immediate worldwide sensation.

These shocking images were quickly followed by a storm of controversy. The crime for which Asgari and Marhoni swung was the rape of a 13-year-old while both the offenders were themselves minors; gay organizations and human rights groups subsequently became mired in contentious dispute over whether (as a factual, legal, or tactical matter) they could be said to have succumbed to a “lethal reign of terror targeting Iranian gays”. For instance, was the conviction reliable, or a pretext? Would these boys actually have self-identified as “gay”?

To that were added charges and countercharges among western campaigners of racism, imperial lickspittle-ism, objective-pro-Islamic-fascism, and the like. Like, awfully convenient that Iran’s longtime dim view of homosexuality has everyone exercised at just the moment bombing Tehran was being openly mooted.

But whatever the text: those pictures. Still, those pictures.

It is certain that both Mahmoud Asgari and Ayaz Marhoni were juvenile offenders, whose execution is anathema almost everywhere in the world but Iran — just one of that country’s unique characteristics.

On this day..

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40 thoughts on “2005: Mahmoud Asgari and Ayaz Marhoni, gay teens”

  1. Ian carr says:

    Why why this is happening in this day and age its not a sin to be gay and really the people that do this action should look at there own lifes before casting the stone in uk its normal to love another man and more so to marry i am shocked to think these people can get away with such actions really i am ashamed i am gay man and i have a lover in africa so i hope never he receives any thing as i will come to africa and deal with them myself ian carr from ul england

  2. Jelly Fish says:

    RELIGION- ancient tribal superstitions.. If all muslims, jews and christians were atheists, would we still be killing each other? RELIGION- these young boys lost their lives because of fearful, irrational RELIGION

    1. Jelly Fish says:

      RELIGIOUS rape of the human mind is the worst crime of all. The human ability to freely think is not divinely god given. It is simply common sense.

  3. Haim says:

    Ce pays ou la maffia religieuse islamonazi règne sans partage n’a pas sa place dans le concert des nations. Tous ceux qui s’empressent de venir leur laicher les babouches devront en payer le prix des crimes de sang dont ils se rendent complices.

  4. Person says:

    They actually raped a 13 year old boy, but they were hanged for being gay. Rape is a serious crime.

    1. Michael Taylor says:

      They raped no boy. This was all because they were accused of male on male sex, which was changed to rape. All to blacken the very word “homosexual” even more, knowing the West would be watching these proceedings, & the execution.

  5. Joe says:

    Can anybody figure out what the posters on the cross beam of the gallows (last picture) says? Thanks in advance!

  6. Peter says:

    It has been worked out due to lots of interviews in Iran since the hanging of Mahmoud and ayaz, that they were killed because they were lovers, they were a couple for at least 2 years – and as most juveniles on the world, they like to dance, to love and to life. They were found having sex with other teenagers on a semi-public place and it turned out that one of them, a 13 years old boy was the son of a senior officer of the revolution guard. This brought the boy out of focus and the story about raping a boy was added to the trial to have more arguments in case of international affairs.

    Again: mahmoud and Ayaz were not killed because they were rapists bit they were hung because they were lovers. Every other information is a lie from the iran regime.

  7. Meaghan says:

    I think I’ve read the same book, Danny. Was it “I Am Nujood, Age 10 and Divorced”?

    Child marriages are very common in places like Yemen. Parents see it as a way to get out of desperate poverty and even a way to protect their daughters — the idea is that if they are respectable married women they’ll be less likely to be victims of sexual predators. Of course, the idea that a husband could rape his wife is not a thing in Yemen.

  8. Danny says:

    Really sad to read about this.Those 2 boys were at the beginning of their life and only God knows what life they would have had if they weren’t hanged.I live in a Country where we don’t approve homosexuality but we don’t hang people cause of their sexual orientation.Rape is a different case but then again why hang them.Send them to jail or whatever, mark them as rapist as they will carry that mark for the rest of their lives but don’t hang them.
    I watched an article about a brave young 11 year old girl from Yemen that run away from home cause her parents wanted to get her married to a guy who was old enough to be he father or maybe more.Why not hang her parents who wanted to take away her future away and marry her to some guy she doesn’t even know and who in my opinion could be pedophile.
    Those were teenagers and whatever their crime was they didn’t deserve to get hanged.

  9. Gretchen says:

    This makes me so sad that mere words can’t express. Nobody’s God permits this to happen. If this were really a rape case I believe they should be punished to the full extent of the law which I doubt includes hanging even in Iran. But if this is because these children were gay may their God curse them for the rest of their lives.

  10. ken says:

    Religion Poisons Everything!

  11. Theophil says:


  12. Kamal Gaur says:

    Animal society, who hangs human being, be it Iran or my country India, where, I live, but we have freedom of speech in India.

  13. Nikki says:

    Nobody outside of Iran really knows the truth… Maybe they were gay, maybe they weren’t. Maybe they raped that 13 year old, maybe they didn’t and were forced to confess. I don’t know. I think rape is a horrible, awful crime, but even if they were guilty of that….god, just give them a prison sentence or something, don’t EXECUTE them, they were bloody minors! *sigh* Stuff like this gives Muslims a bad name. I’m Muslim myself, and I have zero problems with gay people. One of the people I care most about in the world is gay, and I don’t give a damn. *shakes head* Iran is a bit of a scary place for anyone not a white, heterosexual man.

  14. pandora says:

    iran can go to hell with your mullah!!!stupic muslim country ever!!you said you are truly muslim but allyou did are murdering people and being munafiq!! you and your president are munafiq!!!!

  15. Graham says:

    The problem with this case is that no one on the outside will ever know the truth. Whether you are pro-death-penalty, or not, is beside the point in this case. As was pointed out previously and emphasized by the Iranian President’s statement that there are “no gays in Iran”, it is easy to imagine false allegations against these two young men. Certainly if this is a gay issue and the sex was consensual (but illegal), the simple solution would be a jail term, followed by expulsion from the country … but in Iran politics and law are too deeply intertwined with religion, and admissions of guilt are not based on proof, but unfounded accusation and torture … How can any of us, outside that kind of system, ever hope to know the truth. Therefor, our making a judgement against these young men is tantamount to approval of this country’s horribly flawed system. Of course, even my own opinion of their judicial system is based on an outsiders point of view, and one that I will admit, has almost no knowledge of the acceptability of that system, among the Iranian people. I can only judge on what I know and what I accept as right, therefor, gay, or no, these young men deserved to have a proper investigation of their “crime” and to have any admissions of guilt that occurred under torture, excluded from the record. And for the record, rape is not a gay, nor straight crime, it is a crime of physical violence. Why don’t we all use our energies demanding that all countries follow an internationally acceptable set of judicial procedures?? Most of us can accept the idea of universal human rights; why not an equal set of rules governing investigation of allegations, the treatment of prisoners, admissions gotten by torture, etc.? Surely we have evolved that far, even if we don’t agree on punishment … or, maybe not.

  16. England says:

    Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is delusional!!

  17. English says:

    I think hanging should be banned worldwide. I cannot begin to imagine what is like to be sentenced to death. It’s ok people on here saying they deserved it! That is rubbish! We don’t know the truth because they poor kids were gay i think they were victimised and paid with being whipped into admitting something they may not have even done! just victimised because they were gay. If they had touched the 13 year old t which is very questionable they could have been punished by being put in prison. Not paid with their lives. This is barbaric and pure EVIL. Nobody should pay with their live for being gay! They cannot help it!!!

  18. England says:

    This is wrong. The boys were whipped hundreds of time until they admitted touching the 13 year old. They were children themselves!! This is pure evil. God bless them both!! This makes me cry! Nobody deserves this.

    1. Jesse J says:

      If they raped a child they certainly do deserve to hang.

  19. all in have to say if it is a rape crime they are not supose to be hang why cant they jail then 5years or send them to exile than hanging them to death i am against there hanging by death if it is rape case;, but if it is homusexuly they disave that even afater hanging then burn there body because gay is a sin and it destory the nation there are many woman around the word then why must a man marry man it is a sin the jurgement is good if the casy is homusexuly let them be kill by hanging but once again i beg the president of iran to relase iran girls; give them freedom so that rape and homosexualy we stop becaue i guess there girls are cage like libya girls so that is why there boys rape and comit gay so free the women let them live the way they want with men pls mr president of iran

  20. collins says:


  21. JC Vaughan says:

    Remember: many black men were lynched in the USA for “raping” women – when it did not occur or it was a love affair. It may be there was no rape or the father of the 13 year old found out and cried “rape” to protect family honor. In Iran, no one really knows what has really occurred. Eyewitness accounts DO tell that they arrest young teenage girls, sentence them to death, rape them so they will go to hell, and then execute them. They also rape young male prisoners (testimony of victims; suicide video of one of the victims on YouTube). If you really want to defend this non-Islamic, devil worshiping regime, you need to dedicate yourself to Satan first. And then join the fan clubs for Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Vlad Drakulya, Pol Pot, Mao Zedong, Idi Amin Dada, Slobodan Milosevic, etc. etc.

  22. Swiss says:

    No wonder there are so much terorist there…they are all full of emotion human needs freedom and a chans to make theyer one decisions and they just dont get it… u may should care about u`re one business and let the people just live theyer lifes like they wont too …ther are enough other problems in countries like iran. (nit that im thinking gay people are a problem)
    sorry for my english

  23. bob says:

    nour asghari mahouachi (coometn number 1) you are dispicable. You are no real muslim bring back the shah. If you re a muslim i am ahsamed to call myself onw beacuse you are just a disgrace to our religion

    may god show you the right path
    sorry for the poor englijh

  24. BlackMuslimIllegalAlien says:

    Death to rapists! Whatever they are gay or not!

  25. Mellie says:

    Granted, had the author bothered to put the effort deserved into writing this article, thing’s would be much clearer for us all.

  26. mellie says:

    Human Rights Watch has stated “There is no evidence that this was a consensual act,” and observed that “The bulk of evidence suggests that the youths were tried on allegations of raping a 13-year-old, with the suggestion that they were tried for consensual homosexual conduct seemingly based almost entirely on mistranslations and on cursory news reporting magnified by the Western press.”

    It was a pro homosexual group who passed around translations of the charging information, manipulating the document by leaving out the part about forcible rape that led to this case ever being spoken about as a consensual incident. Because ignorant people took and ran with it instead of researching all the facts they could find before writing about it. These two kids were also charged with other things such as drinking and disturbing the peace. Ok so let me get this clear, you believe the death penalty for a child who rapes is right but an adult blowing up another adult for terrorist reasons is ok?

    I just find it such BS that this guy goes on blaming westerners for Muslims blowing up people while complaining about people making excuses for rapists.

  27. mellie says:

    Karonzon- Woo dude, you’re missing a couple screws. No one said what you are accusing. Nor did anyone make an excuse for the accused. Can you not comprehend what someone says/writes? Here you did not!

    Besides- Gay noses certainly are not what have caused terrorism by extreme islamic religious fanatics who use religion like any extreme religious fanatic, for power over people and fantasy.

    Yeesh, sometimes I really wonder about the human mind.

  28. Karonzon says:

    So, It’s OK for two teenagers to rape a 13 year old!! That’s what they were executed for!! You make excuses for this type of behavious!! Grow up!! That is Iran and all thoughout the middle
    Arab nations such actions carry the death penalty!!

    I you want to stop Muslim Clerics stapping bombs on young men and sending them to kill innicent women and children, keep your
    gay noses out of Muslim affairs!!

  29. Barbara A. Sakowitz says:

    My heart is broken kteer … I recently found out about Mahmoud Asgari and Ayaz Marhoni, even though this took place years ago … it’s as if it ‘just happened’. I do not agree with their life-style of sodomy, anymore than I agree with Mahmoud & Ayaz, being lashed kteer times and then executed by being hanged there in Mashhad, Iran.
    The President of Iran Ahmadinejad & the Ayatollah Kharnenei, obviously think very little of the People of Iran … and are determined to kill many, by bringing in the 12th Immam, at the expence of innocent People …
    So hanging People, ‘all the time’ has seared their conscience with an hot iron.
    Jesus Said, “Father Forgive them, for they know not what they do.”
    As a follower of Jesus, I must not hate, anyone, only to Love and to Forgive.
    Love In The Truth, and you Shall know The Truth, and The Truth Shall Set you Free, Free Indeed,
    Barbara http://www.leadingtheway.org

  30. nour asghari mahouachi says:

    I am ashamed for this! I cant believe this but i know its true, Why the people in Iran choose this man again for president?Of cours we have gays there,whats the problem? This president is a shame for the country and for islam.How I tell my children?Never I let them go to Iran again.Bring REZA back! Viva our SHAH

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