1996: Dr. Mohammad Najibullah

On this date in 1996, the man who once ruled ruled Afghanistan under the aegis of a superpower succumbed to the tender mercies of his country’s fundamentalist insurgency.

Mohammad Najibullah was the last president of the Soviet-backed Democratic Republic of Afghanistan. Unfortunately for Najibullah, he was on the job when Moscow decided to throw in the towel on the Soviet-Afghan War.

After losing the subsequent civil war, the former President was trapped for a nervous few years in Kabul — blocked from joining his family in flight to India by the offices of former Soviet client and present-day American client Abdul Rashid Dostum.

When Kabul finally surrendered to the Taliban in 1996, the hated onetime Communist viceroy — whose stepping-stone to that post was heading the hated Afghan secret police — had a problem.

At the instigation of future Taliban second-in-command Mohammad Rabbani, Najibullah and his brother were hauled out of the U.N. compound where they had taken refuge, publicly beaten, tortured and castrated, and strung up on a traffic barricade.

There was a new sheriff in town.

On this day..

87 thoughts on “1996: Dr. Mohammad Najibullah

  1. Executed by Taliban under order of ISI Pakistan and CIA, we can and should never make peace with Taliban. They should be vanished from the face of earth. It is a fabricated plan of ISI and CIA. US is helping Afghanistan now but it did a horrible damage to our nation and our people.

    ISI should stop working with Taliban and stop hurting the Pashtoon people in current Pakistan, which was part of Afghanistan and wrongfully given to Pakistan to rebuild the country by the British officer Durand.

    Inshallah our country will be peaceful again.

    Dr. Najibullah has paid the ultimate sacrifice for this country and May his soul Rest In Peace.

  2. All those people who involved in making USSR-Afghan war they are all mother fuckers and these talibans who kill dr.Najeeb these are stupid and uneducated donkeys and dogs because they are not afghani they are trained in pakistan.

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  5. I’m sorry , if I am offending any dumb person who is not using his mental, because he got no brand. If your brand is
    occupied by Arab’s god , called her allah, the beautiful girl then you are in stage of coma and of course you got no tongue to tell the tastes and eyes to see the beauties. Raw-
    headed people. Shut up because you are unconscious organism, Dr. Najib was a very intellectual man , good thinker and brave person.I wish if we could have him back.

  6. Killing women, suppressing them, slaving them, forcing fucking saria law – All will pay the price. They will simply kill each other.
    Look at pak, they always played double game, with america, afghanistan, and with india. They are the creator, supporter of Taliban. I am really sorry for so many innocent killings of pakistani’s school children by taliban, but pak will pay his own politics.

    What is the value of such religion, who teaches to hate each other, kill each other, suppress and slave women – fuck such religion. that is the core issue.

  7. SO AFTER THREE YEARS WHAT DIFFERENCE YOU LADIES AND GENTLEMEN SEE. watch the current position of his excellency ashraf ghani and the C.E.O abdullah abdullah and then comment with a deep and wise thought whats gonna be the future and where lies the future.
    kind regards

  8. he was a great man he was always says in his speach that we should bring peace and remove scumbags and will try to sort out the problems with pakistan but pakistan never take this serously as even in 2014 they say we will make peace byt instead peace they firing rockets on kunar and mullana is saying that jihad is right to be done in afghanistan why not pakistann who is the slave of ammerica lisning to americca and killing their own muslim brother but as we all know that doctor najeeb,and karzai is right that pakistan will never become your friend and never make peace insted hate pashtoons so read about dr najeeb then talk i wish if he was allive today so we could remove these scumbags who is against our country watch his speach
    these bastards never let any good president to bring peace and do something better for afghanis because they are jelous as we will become strong but dont worry that day is not for read fucking history we make pakistan pakistan didnt even exixsts it was pukhtonistan much respect to dr najeeb and fuck dalkhore isis america russia we love india fuck pakistan

  9. Dr Najeeb was a legend may God forgive him,
    Rest in peace! Afghanistan would never find someone
    Anymore like him and also Dawood khan.
    Russia was good guys. Go study the history then u would know USA was evil, Russia scared of USA if they come to afghanistan the whole Central Asia would be fucked up as it happened. Therefore Russia came to avoide US invention but the afghan people was stupid stood against Russia, otherwise Afghanistan now would be heaven if Russia remain.

  10. dear all brothers
    i request from you that first you must learn or search a bout dr najeebullah and then you say some thing a bout him. he was our president. and we must respect for all presidents. they were your representative.
    i request kindly form you that you not say some stopid thing a bout him.
    thanks a lot

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  13. dr najebullah is our hero we will never forget our real hero. death to pakistan . death to iran , long live afghans

  14. RAHIM, You are totally misguided or you just keep these things beacuse some one is asking you to do it, I am Pakisani Pukhtoon and I know very will how Pakistan is doing, So get the F U C K OFF

  15. Mir, U seem to be like Mir Jaffar, He was not a criminal, and if u say that he killed people then look into your history, you killed 2.8 Million in Bangal (At the time that bangal ws ur own country) 1,00,000 Bastards took birth because of your Punjabi army, 94,000 Solders was captured by India Plus you killed 3.7 Million in afghan was, It was not for Muslims or afghans, But it was for Cold War, So now tell me what making you this time, who is Murdering Muslims you are Afganis???? and about Islam i would like to ask all Punjabi that look into your history you were Hindus before, It was Pukhtoon and Afghanistan who taught you the true and only way of Islam, So dont teach us Islam. and if any one saying that he killed people then it was his right to defend his country, its cowardness if some one attack you or damaging your country and you do nothing because it would be killing them (what a joke), U know what kind of person he was, He was a kind of person who sacrifice his life but he did not leave his country although he had chances to flee from Afghanistan, he was not like your Nawaz Sharif or other leaders, So back off or we will send you to the ground

  16. He killed so many people , he was a criminal and a person who know nothing but killing others , so why we should fell sorry for him

  17. Now it is the time to be aware that the word is helping us and we are trying to hide the money that is not fair be truthful be honest love and sacrifice for new generation and for your country. what you want wish for your brother.


  19. be together from now on ,make alive sense of those like najebullah,for the next generations and leader not to be killed like this ,get revenge by following that way,remove the scumbags like tali-ban if they don’t render themselves by contrition ,knock off those leaders like tali-ban if they don’t convert their way

  20. Dr. Naschibullah nach dem Sowejtischen abzug, hat ein Friedenplan gegründet. Mit Hilfe der russischen und iranischen Geheimdienst, haben die Nordprovinzen einen Putsch vorbereitet und den Friedenplan sabotiert. 1992 sucht Naschibullah schutz in UN-Hauptquartier und Mujaheddin kamen an die Macht. In den vier Jahren, hat der UN Beauftragter mehrere male gesagt: “Naschibullah soll das verlassen”, aber B. Rabbani Regime hat, dieses abgelehnt. 1996 kam die Taliban an die Macht und direkt danach wurden Naschibullah und sein Bruder ermordet. Er war der beste und aktivste Pólitiker in der Geschichte Afghanistans. Iran und Pakistan wollten nicht so einen aktiven Politiker n Afghanistan.


    • It seems your merciful God had forgotten to tell his followers ( ISIS, Taliban, etc, etc, etc,) that a merciful God is MERCIFUL Mercy is something they should practice not the wholesale slaughter of innocent civilians to force their religious ideas on a group of different believers. IF their religion is the best for humanity they should send out missionaries to proclaim his word not bombs, assassins, fatwas, and the rest of the killers who want to pervert a merciful religion into one where do not question me I am right no matter what I do seems to be what most religions have done since the dawn of time.

  22. salam to all beloved of our country .
    brothers Dr Najeeb is not now with us now we should make from ourselfe Dr Najeeb and show to the people who are against him that who was he and what was the aim of him about afghanistan..,…now some stupid people are talking against him that he was not muslime and he was against islam against afghanistan. we have to prove that he
    was muslime and his aim was to make islamic afghanistan…and i really really hate those people that they dont have information about him,but they just hear from some stupid people that he was not good…..kindly request to all those that they dont have information about
    him get some information then u have the rights to talk against him… plz don t insult those who works for islam and afghanistn…..NOTE… young must get information about Dr Najeeb and afghanistan.

  23. who they killed dr najeebullah now is the time to we should come to gether and make a best partty like they had in the past and gave the panushment to dose they killed our leader
    Nangrahar afghanistan ???? ??????????? ???? ?? ???? ???? ?? ??? ???? ???? ??? ???

  24. he was better than all these evel jahadis or extremism no power stay to anyone it well come pakistans turn as well pakistan well be wors than afghanistan war is a chese game no one can be powerfull forever pakistan is allready blowed from inside they dont want each other this is not what afghan well wish for them this is what has to happen it well happen this is the nutuer of war pakistan is going too far

  25. My dear countrymen,
    Let’s forget about the past. It is very clear to all that who did what! Allah knows better. How long more should we fight each other? In Afghanistan no one deserved and deserves to be killed,wether it communist ,Mujahid or Talib. We are all brothers.We need to warship our Allah almighty build our war torn country.

  26. najib yak kamonet bud watan frosh bud , raiss khad bud , sag wari haram shud.har kasi az najeeb tarf dari miknonna . goo mikhora , har kasi ki az najeed tarafdari mikonna hwolad kamonist ast

  27. Dear all as you that Dr najib was a good man and responsibe president so please dont share such bad words in your comment and kindly have logical comment regarding youtr previouse president
    on be half of college student i want to request from you to be polite and speak so logicaly

  28. “Every man has his time”. This man ordered ill intentions against Pakistan, and he did not know, that Pakistan is a far bigger power then Afghanistan. He challenged them, without thinking. He got what he deserved. He sold his country for power and wealth. He wealth did nothing for him… Long LIVE Afghanistan, LONG LIVE PAKISTAN

    • Hey Abdul if Afghans had sold their women like pakistanis do to Arabs and Americans and british then Afghanistan would be have a better power so keep your power with you and go and save your women from being sold to your Arab and English Masters. We will repay you what we owe you!

  29. dont worry sameer
    Allah is already punishing them but they dont figure it out.
    when they figure it out it will be too late
    you can well understand that from the current situation

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