1957: Václav Mrázek, Czech serial killer

On this date in 1957, postwar Czechoslovakia’s most prolific serial killer was put to death at Prague’s Pankrac Prison.

Other than the mandatory Wikipedia entry, most information on Mrazek available online is in Czech.

But there’s little enough nuance to grasp. He was convicted of seven murders (and suspected in several others) to satiate his necrophiliac desires. In all over 100 crimes of sexual abuse and theft were laid at his door.

It was more pedestrian criminality that did him in; the serial killer was at work from 1951 to 1956, but somehow never caught. (This Czech site attributes it to the police force’s postwar prioritization of ideological reliability over investigative professionalism.)

Mrazek was nabbed by accident, rifling jacket pockets (more Czech) at a spa where he worked at an attendant: the subsequent search of his place turned up the evidence of far more villainous behavior, and led Mrazek to confess.

One thought on “1957: Václav Mrázek, Czech serial killer”

  1. hi,there are more reason for his long therm escaping. first of all his modus operandi: he didnt really mind age or look of his victims.they were chosen almost randomly.he used pistol, knife, club and axe.another aspect is he was pretty low profile person,small, thin, uniformly dressed and always described as calm,shy and polite. what really got him in the end was his kleptomania, almost everything in his appartment was stolen, from food to sheets, and he also kept stuff from his victims.
    technically ,he is most prolific czech killer,along with ladislav hojer. czechoslovakian is slovak guy named ondrej rigo.in early 90s,he blungeoned and raped post mortem 9 women from 21 to 88,attacking them in their beds. he is serving live sentence in slovakia

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