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2010: Ronnie Lee Gardner, by musketry

June 18th, 2010 Headsman

A few hours ago as of this writing, the U.S. state of Utah put Ronnie Lee Gardner to death by firing squad, a method so vintage that its constitutionality was challenged in the 19th century.

He’d spent a lifetime in the clutches of various state institutions, and shot a lawyer dead in an audacious attempt to break out of a Salt Lake City courthouse while shackled.

That happened way back in 1985.

A quarter-century later — full half a lifetime, for Ronnie Lee Gardner — the clock finally ran out on the resulting legal process.

Gardner fought the execution to the very end, his plea for executive clemency (backed by some of the jurors who doomed him, and by some relatives of the murder victim himself who claim that Michael Burdell opposed the death penalty) falling on predictably deaf ears just a few days ago.

But Gardner did volunteer, if he had to die, to die that headline-grabbing, reminiscent-of-Gary-Gilmore death at the business end of an anonymous five-man team of marksmen.

With the execution of that procedure minutes after midnight today, Gardner became the first U.S. prisoner executed by firing squad since John Albert Taylor in 1996. He might ultimately be the last ever … though a few inmates still residing on Utah’s death row might yet supplant him.

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5 Responses to “2010: Ronnie Lee Gardner, by musketry”

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    ExecutedToday.com » 1996: John Albert Taylor, the last American to face a firing squad Says:

    [...] January 26th, 2010 Headsman Moments past midnight on this date in 1996 five anonymous marksmen fired four .30-.30 caliber rounds (one rifle had blanks, a balm to the shooters’ consciences) into the heart of Utah rapist John Albert Taylor: the last use to date of a firing squad in the United States. (Update: Not anymore.) [...]

  2. 2
    KYGB Says:

    Quite apropos.

    After all, Ronnie Lee was executedtoday.

  3. 3
    Kevin M. Sullivan Says:

    Too bad Mr. Gardner couldn’t have left us a little sooner. Oh well.

  4. 4
    ExecutedToday.com » 1951: Eliseo Mares, “silently and horribly” Says:

    [...] began pushing for a switch to away from the error-prone firing squad to the gas chamber. (No dice, although the 1955 legislature did approve a switch to electrocution that fell through for want of [...]

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    ExecutedToday.com » 1977: Gary Gilmore Says:

    [...] ExecutedToday.com » 2010: Ronnie Lee Gardner, by musketry Says: June 18th, 2010 at 6:16 [...]

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