2007: Majid and Hossein Kavousifar

On this date in 2007, cousins Majid and Hossein Kavousifar (or Kavoosifar, or Kavoosi-far) were publicly hanged in Tehran for murdering a judge.

The judge in question had been noted for clapping some democracy activists in jail, but the authorities insisted that the case wasn’t political — that Majid admitted targeting Hassan Moghaddas (whose outsized portrait grotesquely decorated the scene) in a personal vendetta, as well as killing a couple of other people in a string of robberies.

The first public executions in the capital in five years, these hangings attracted an ample crowd, amply armed with the ubiquitous digital media equipment that characterizes our age.

Age-appropriate entertainment? A spectator at the hanging.

And while the 24-year-old Hossein died in fright, 28-year-old Majid played to those onlookers in the most insouciant execution pictures you’ll ever want to see.

Warning: Graphic images (and video) follow. (Many more can be searched up around the web.)

… and the inevitable video.

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8 thoughts on “2007: Majid and Hossein Kavousifar

  1. Agree with Bjarne Kim – capital punishment should be abolished, but so should a lot of things, like allowing anyone to have more than 2 kids. We’re breeding the planet to death from overpopulation. Some of us need to die, so the rest can live. Who wants to go first?

  2. Esto es lo peor matar por una religion tu eres libre de creer en el Dios que ati ta paresca o simplemente no creer, nacemos libres y libres debemos morir, para esas personas fanaticas por que no son mas que otra cosa, su verdadero dios es el egoismo, promulgan una religion falsa por que no creo que un Dios pida que mates a otro ser solo por que no cree en el. Hipocritas creeyentes de su propio fanatismo

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  5. Cut the rope I

    cut the rope from
    the neck of the convicted
    and bind the judge

    Cut the rope II

    put the judges to court
    and give them a fair trial
    for their death sentences

    Cut the rope III

    life is sacred
    no one may steal the right
    to breathe freely

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