1987: Pawel Tuchlin, the Scorpion

Pawel Tuchlin, whose eight-year serial murder spree earned him the nickname “the Scorpion”, was hanged on this date in 1987 — the second-last execution in Poland’s history.

The classic quiet-neighbor-we-never-saw-it-coming type, farmer Tuchlin authored 20 sex attacks on young women in the vicinity of Gdansk from 1975 to 1983. Eleven of the victims survived their ordeals, but a bloodied hammer recovered from Tuchlin’s farm testified to the horror of the nine deaths to his name.

After confessing the crimes, Tuchlin attempted to retract the admission — and upon sentencing in 1985 he anticipated O.J. Simpson by a decade with his vow, “If I am released, I will search for the murderer to the end of my life.”

2 thoughts on “1987: Pawel Tuchlin, the Scorpion”

  1. My mum`s friend was almost killed by this guy too. He was following her from the bus stop to her place….he was aout to attack (he always used a hammer) but some people who suddenly appeared – apparently scared him off. She told my mum she`d seen him on the bus staring at her so she knew there was something wrong with him.

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