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1965: Kenneth Roraback and Rocky Versace, Vietnam War POWs

September 26th, 2015 Headsman

According to a UPI wire story from Saigon which ran in American newspapers beginning Monday, September 27,

The Viet Cong said they executed two American prisoners Sunday … Although the broadcast did not say so, the executions apparently were in retaliation for the deaths Thursday of three anti-American demonstrators. The demonstrators were convicted by a military tribunal of engaging in terrorist activities and put before a firing squad in a soccer stadium at Da Nang.

An earlier execution of a Viet Cong terrorist by the government June 24 brought an announcement from the Communists that they had executed Sgt. Harold G. Bennet[t], a captive from Arkansas.

The two men shot on September 26 — whose names are garbled in the initial news report, since “the names were received phonetically” — were Sgt. Kenneth Mills Roraback and Capt. Humbert Roque “Rocky” Versace.

In 2002, Versace would be posthumously awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor — the first Vietnam War soldier so decorated on grounds of unwavering defiance as a POW.

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5 thoughts on “1965: Kenneth Roraback and Rocky Versace, Vietnam War POWs”

  1. Roger Argabright says:

    Interesting that only the officer got the metal, but not the enlisted one !

  2. CLK 200 MB says:

    Dear Lawguy,
    What is the “it” that you are referring to?

    1. lawguy says:

      The retaliations. You kill one of ours and we’ll kill one of yours thing. Normally, it just makes it even nastier.

  3. lawguy says:

    I wonder if it worked?

    1. CLK 200 MB says:

      I guess that question above should have been posted as a reply.

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