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1938: Ivan Stepanovich Razukhin

October 9th, 2015 Headsman

Soviet NKVD execution form records that Ivan Stepanovich Razukhin was shot by Lt. A.R. Polikarpov on October 9, 1938. From Zek: The Soviet Slave-Labor Empire and Its Successors, 1917-2000.

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2 thoughts on “1938: Ivan Stepanovich Razukhin”

  1. Petar says:

    I just come over this post, don’t know Why i missed it before.
    Anyway, With the Little knowledge of the kyrilic alphabet I have, our day main actor was an actress.
    Her name? Razukina, Ivana Stepanovicha

    1. Headsman says:

      Pretty sure this is just the masculine name in genitive case. Were it a woman, she’d be a Stepanovna, not a Stepanovich.

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