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1942: Evzen Rosicky, athlete

June 25th, 2016 Headsman

On this date in 1942, Czech athlete and resistance figure Evzen Rosicky was shot with his father at Prague’s Kobyliske shooting grounds.

His country’s former champion in the 800 meters and 400 meter hurdles, Rosicky had the honor of representing Czechoslovakia at the 1936 Olympics … Hitler’s Berlin showcase.

Three years later, it was the Czechs unwillingly playing host to the Germans. By then, Rosicky was a journalist of left-wing proclivities (he was a card-carrying Communist) and he naturally segued right into anti-occupation resistance.

Arrested and shot along with his father, Jaroslav, Evzen Rosicky is the namesake of Prague’s Stadion Evzena Rosickeho.

(cc) image of Stadion Evzena Rosickeho by Honza Záruba.

On this day..

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2 thoughts on “1942: Evzen Rosicky, athlete”

  1. Roman says:

    Should the year in the title be 1942 rather than 1936?

    (Great blog by the way, thanks for the hard work!)

    1. Headsman says:

      Yes it should! Thank you x2

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