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1845: Sarah Freeman, Shapwick Murderess

April 23rd, 2019 Headsman

Hanged April 23, 1845 for poisoning her brother Charles Dimond — and commonly suspected to have offed several other family members by means of arsenic — the “Shapwick Murderess” Sarah Freeman insisted her innocence to her very last breath. “I am as innocent as a lamb,” she said to the hangman William Calcraft as he noosed her.

Serial poisoner or wrongfully executed? Find out more at the Capital Punishment UK Facebook page

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One thought on “1845: Sarah Freeman, Shapwick Murderess”

  1. Fiz says:

    These callous burial club arsenic poisoners terrify me. Arsenic poisoning is so terrible and to do that to somebody who loves and trusts you just twists me up inside. From the 1820s and increasingly from the late 1830s to about 1860 there was a plethora of familial arsenic killings particularly in East Anglia and the poor in larger U.K towns. It was why arsenic became a poison which needed to be signed for by the purchaser.

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