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2006: Saddam Hussein

December 30th, 2007 Headsman

One year ago today, Saddam Hussein was hanged in “the hell that is Iraq” — his riposte to the mob scene at his gallows, transmitted worldwide by way of illicit footage shot with a cell phone.

Caution: This video contains graphic footage. You knew that already.

How it was then:

Who could follow in his footsteps?

On this day..

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31 thoughts on “2006: Saddam Hussein”

  1. David Shaw says:

    It looks like most of the West now hates him but the West supported him in the unjustified Iran Iraq War. Allowed him Carte Blanche to do whatever he wanted to do to his own people as long as he sold his OIL. Pretty much gave him permission to slaughter the Marsh Arabs and Kurd’s after inciting them to rebel against his rule. Then knowingly punished the people through sanctions and knowing his gang of thugs were blatantly smuggling oil. What a shower of HYPOCRITES

  2. MACK G. says:

    Where is the video?

  3. Devil Child says:


    You’re both fucking idiots.

    I hated the Bush/Cheyney years significantly more than the average Joe, but I’d take a bakers dozen of Bush/Cheyney terms over one month of Hussein’s dictatorship.

    Saddam Hussein was the most wretched human being of the past three decades. It’s always easy to show cool temperament when you have no qualms about providing your eldest son with his own personal iron maiden for use on underperforming soccer players, and that probably wouldn’t make the top fifty on the list of Hussein’s worst crimes.

    Anyone who thinks that Hussein had a single redeeming quality as a human being is flat out making shit up. In a truly just world, Saddam and all his cronies would’ve been given a Se7en style punishment in HDTV.

  4. Headsman says:

    Thanks, Steve. Post updated … YouTube videos gone bad are a continual source of annoyance.

  5. Steve O'Rourke says:

    Alternate site for Saddam execution video (YouTube are wimps):

  6. Steve says:

    This sounds crazy, But Saddam Hussein, the way he was executed, he reminded me of Joan of Arc. Joan was taunted and called names before she was burnt, and Saddam was taunted before he was hung. He showed more dignity than anyone I`ve ever seen.

  7. jamie says:

    saddam hussein was no lion he was a coward who killed many inoccent children and justice was served

  8. david says:

    Call Saddam Hussein, all you want, “he was a tyrant, he was a dictator etc..” But you have to admire the way he went to the hangman, showing no FEAR whatsoever. Had it been Bush or Blair, they would have asked for a hood, and cried like babies. Saddam Hussein proved to the end, that he was a Lion.

  9. ShanghaiJohnnyP says:

    Having Had Two Nephews Who Served In Iraq and Thankfully Are Back Home,Yes,Saddam Was An Evil and Cruel Dictator!!
    But Then Again,Weren’t They All??

    Anyway,While I’m Glad The SOB’s Dead,On The Same Hand,He Had Very Little To Do With The Horrifying Chain of Events on September 11,2001!!!

    Now,For a Little History Lesson Concerning Bush the Elder;The Younger and Saddam Hussein*(*If You Beleive Everything Bull O’Really and Scorned Vanity and The Rest of The Whole Faux Snooze Crew Tell You,Quit Reading Right Now!!
    Just Curl Up In Bed With Anal Colder’s Latest Diatribe Until You Fall Asleep and Dream of a Menage a Trois With Yourself;Ann Coulter;Laura Ingraham and Michelle Malkin!!Thank You!!).

    During The 1981-89 Presidency of”The Gipper”Ronald Reagan,As Much as He Liked To Go On TV and Claim”America Will Not Negotiate With Terrorists!!”,Behind The Scenes,The US Secretly Supported Iraq During It’s 1980-88 War With Iran!!

    And Under The Aegis of’The Colonel’Lt.Colonel Oliver North,The US Secretly Sold Guns;Ammo and’Spare Parts’to Both Iraq and Iran!!

    Not To Mention Inderectly Helping The Taliban During The Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan!!!
    Granted Texas Democrat Charlie Wilson Played a Great Part In Helping The Muhajadeen in Afghanistan*(*See The Tom Hanks Movie’Charlie Wilson’s War’ For More Details)and Had Bush the Elder Heeded His advice About Afghanistan After The Fall of The Soviet Union,The Taliban Would Merely Be a Small Band of Kooks Up In The Hills!!

    Getting Back To The History Lesson:After GHW Bush Became Prez in 1989,The US Still Sold Military Equipment to Iraq Right Up Until The Invasion of Kuwait in August 1990!!!

    Then Suddenly,Saddam Hussein,Like Panama’s Manuel Noreiga The Previous December,Became”America’s Public Enemy Number One!!”.

    In Closing,Yes,I’m Glad Hussein’s Burning In Hell,But In The Long Run,Was It Worth It??
    As Far as That Goes,Why Didn’t”The Colonel”,Ollie North Go To Leavenworth For Treason Instead Of Being a Motivational Speaker;Fox News Talking Head and Born again Christian??

    Only God and The Devil Know And Theyr’e Not Telling Us anytime Soon!!

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