1995: Richard Snell – did he go out with a bang?

At 9 p.m. this evening on this date, white supremacist Richard Snell was executed for murder in Arkansas.

He went out full of venom and smugness, his last words menacing the state’s governor:

Governor Tucker, look over your shoulder; justice is coming. I wouldn’t trade places with you or any of your cronies. Hell has victories. I am at peace.

(Source — but possibly erroneous; note the comments to this post)

It had been as satisfying* for Snell as last days on earth come: the very morning of his execution, militia fellow-traveler Timothy McVeigh blew up Oklahoma City’s Murrah Federal Building.

It is not for this venue to attempt any definitive judgment on the connections and cul-de-sacs of the much-scribbled-about white supremacist labyrinth. It is enough for our purposes to note several items which may be coincidence and have sometimes been reckoned rather more.

  • April 19 had already become the militia movement’s holy day: April 19, 1775, had sparked the American Revolution; more to the point, it had been the date in 1993 of the slaughterous Waco siege. Snell’s execution was slated for that date intentionally, much to the outrage of his sympathizers: so was McVeigh’s plot.
  • Twelve years before his death, Snell himself had schemed to blow up the very same building.
  • Snell has been reported to have predicted that there would be a bombing on his execution date.

After his execution, Snell was returned to Oklahoma Christian Identity mecca (and possible McVeigh haunt) Elohim City, where he lay three days in an open casket before being interred in the community’s cemetery under a headstone marked “Rev Richard Wayne Snell. Patriot.”

* Snell was “smiling and chuckling and nodding” on his last day as he watched coverage of the bombing.

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21 thoughts on “1995: Richard Snell – did he go out with a bang?

  1. He killed a law enforcement officer. That’s an automatic death sentence and a seat at the dinner table with Satan.

  2. Bob, you apparently have no understanding of God whatsoever. Your bigotry needs to be let go of.

  3. There’s something hilarious about being threatened by a guy who literally has seconds to live. Come and get m… oops, too late!

    By the way, Dorothy, brilliant men tend not to get put down for murder.

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  5. Snell…. being a snell is kinda hard. snells dont live long and we are some bad to the bone people. it runs in the blood! snell for life!! LA black killer
    -Robert Lee Snell

  6. Dorothy, I would be VERY VERY interested to hear whatever you could tell me about any of this, in order to get the story straight. I don’t know any other way to contact you but if you’d be interested my e-mail is scoobanooba@yahoo.com.

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  8. I dont know any of my extended family ,but I do know Snell was married to my aunt and that the conspiracy part of his trial was the pawn shop owner murder. From what ive been told the case was eight months old and the just kinda threw that charge at him. It seems they would give you death for a cop before a pawn shop owner.

  9. Wow…I keep wondering how I would feel if either of my parents had been a teacher and promoter of hatred. Would I try to stick up fpr them too? Or would I try to mentally make them in an image that I could have peace with too…

  10. It sounds like “Dorothy” knows alot about Elohim City, are you a resident? Funny how he “prayed” for the people of Oklahoma City when 15 before he thaught about blowing up the same building.

    • Lots of people are in Elohim City. And? What’s your point?
      Furthermore, the people there know proper spelling! Among many other things. Lol.

      Let me help you out. This is your only freebie. Use wisely. In the box here, where you type your comment, look ???? at the top- do you see the “ABC” and a green check mark ? under that? Very good. Keep up now…
      It’s called spellcheck. You should consider using this tool. It’s for people just like you. You’re welcome. Don’t mention it. Good day.

  11. “Another thing, it was not “Hell has victories”, but “Hail HIS Victory”. This is in reference that God will be victorious. Get your facts straight before spewing.”

    You mean the racist, hatefilled god that you worship? Fuck his victory!

    • Did Roger Millar lay in state too? I knew him. People would be surprised to know he was very personable. He had “Charisma”.
      He was the main reason I could come and go. He liked me.I didn’t know Snell. I don’t know the circumstances surrounding the death of the officer. I do know Arkansas cops are cowboys,

      Roger Millar was the spiritual leader of Elohim City until his son took over after his death for those less familiar. The story of the OKC bombing will never be made public.

  12. Another thing, it was not “Hell has victories”, but “Hail HIS Victory”. This is in reference that God will be victorious. Get your facts straight before spewing.

  13. I don’t know where you get your info, but I am here to tell you that Mr. Snell was saddened about the bombing of the Oklahoma building, and he expressed concern for all the families that lost their children. He loved children and Oklahoma City. If he was smiling, chuckling and nodding on his execution day it may have been someone trying to lighten the somber feeling that day. I know that he prayed for the famillies on April 19, 1995. DO NOT presume to know Mr. Snell’s thoughts. You have NO idea who this brilliant man was. He was a loving father, patriot and husband. How do I know this. He was my father. And he is missed.

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