1979: Eleven by a Firing Squad in Iran

On this date in 1979, the only anonymous photograph to win a Pulitzer Prize captured nine Kurdish rebels and two of the Shah’s policemen executed by firing squad in revolutionary Iran.

This shot, one of a series taken of the event with the permission of the judge who condemned the men to immediate death in a half-hour trial at the Sanandaj airfield, ran the next day in the Iranian paper Ettela’at, whose editor prudently kept the photographer’s identity secret. Within two days, the stunning photo had rocketed around the world.

It won the Pulitzer Prize for Spot News Photography the following spring, still credited anonymously.

Two years ago, the Wall Street Journal revealed — with the photographer’s permission — the identity of the man who shot this indelible image: Jahangir Razmi, who had gone on to a career as one of Iran’s top photographic journalists. He came to New York to collect the prize 27 years late.

The article breaking the story is still available on the Journal‘s website, and on the personal site of reporter Joshua Prager. An NPR story discussing the search for Razmi’s identity is here.

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13 thoughts on “1979: Eleven by a Firing Squad in Iran

    • Because they were terrorists and had killed several innocent people.
      Search and ask about terrorists killings, explosions, beheadings and all kinds of crimes committed by those Savakis(Shah Security Service), MKO Terrorists and Democrat Party of Iranian Kurdistan.
      After that you will ask them:

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    The only good thing mullahs ever did…these neo-nazi-communists deserved nothing but a bullet in the head…we have one of these terrorist rats in Montreal, Dr Amir Khadir…wish the mullahs send a suicide bomber to rid us of the vile scumbag!

    • One cannot be both a neo-nazi and a communist. They are diametrical opposites. It would be like having daytime and nighttime simultaneously; it cannot be.

    • Iran has not attacked another country in over 200 years. By contrast the USA has attacked Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Grenada, Nicaragua, Iraq (twice) Panama, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Mexico, Cuba, Somalia, Syria, and, is the only country in the history of the Earth to drop an atomic bomb on two civilian-populated cities.
      Ming, your comments illustrate your gross lack of intellect.

  3. These are lies
    Shah of Iran was a terrorist and killed many people in Iran
    He was the worst people on earth

    Down with the monarchy
    Death to the global arrogance
    Death to the Shah of Iran
    Death of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi
    Death to all his agents
    Punishment in Islamic Iran

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