1538: Cratwell, a hangman

This yere, the first daye of September, beinge Sondaye, at Clerkenwell, where the wrestlinge is kept, after the wrestlinge was done, there was hanged on a payre of gallowes, newe made, in the same place, the hangman of London and two more for robbinge a bouth in Bartlemewe fayre, which sayd hangman had done execution in London since the Holy Mayde of Kent was hanged, and was a conninge butcher in quarteringe of men.

A Chronicle of England During the Reigns of the Tudors, from A.D. 1485 to 1559

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  1. The fact that the author referred to Elizabeth Barton as the “Holy” Maid Of Kent, rather than the “Mad” Maid Of Kent could have gotten the author in a helluva lot of trouble, because King Henry VIII was extremely petty, revengeful, and spiteful that way. That author had some sand, I tell you what…

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