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Themed Set: Judging Abortion

September 2nd, 2008 Headsman

Abortion and the death penalty have never struck the Headsman as especially similar matters, but they’re interconnected as “life” issues for many.

Whether or not one conceives them as part of a seamless garment, the judgments one makes about abortion are as juridically charged as they are emotionally charged: if abortion is murder, one might punish it by death.

The next two dates’ executions reflect the seemingly intractable ethical and practical uncertainties entailed by extending the concept of “life” into the womb … and the different parties to whom the fatal result of the severest moral calculus might be charged.

On this day..

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3 thoughts on “Themed Set: Judging Abortion”

  1. Mark Dallas says:

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  2. Graeme Tychsen of Australia says:

    Paul Hill: Even Jesus’ most noble ends – to unqualifiedly love the Father above all else, and everyone in world equally as I have loved you, did not allow any means to reach those I am the way the truth and the life ends. I am a right to lifer in that any child given to me would be accepted and as with both supported to allow them the freedom and independence our heavenly Father craves for them. Experience shows a number of women, a minority, and this is not said not to lessen the hell and turmoil they are in, will terminate a blessing and that when this is absolutely prohibited, only bloodshed and cruelty ensues. According to Jesus, history’s greatest libertarian, it is not for me to impose (convert others to ) my way of life on another, and it is a matter of sound regulation, support and information. It saddens me that many women who have taken the termination course live to suffer unimaginable remorse.

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