1946: Laszlo Baky and Laszlo Endre, Hungarian Holocaust authors

On this date in 1946, fascist Hungarian politicians Laszlo Baky and Laszlo Endre were executed by hanging in Budapest for their role in the decimation of Hungarian Jewry.

These two charmers were major figures in Hungary’s horrible final months of World War II.

Post-Stalingrad, the Hungarians had realized they were yoked to the losing side and started looking for an exit strategy; instead, early in 1944, they got a German occupation.

This occupation lifted the virulent anti-semites Baky and Endre into national power, because along with keeping Hungary in the Axis coalition, the Nazis also forcibly overcame its junior partner’s former reticence about Jewish genocide.

Adolf Eichmann arrived into Nazified Hungary and used our day’s two principals (along with another executed collaborator, Andor Jaross, they’re known as the “deportation trio”) as his instruments. Within months, hundreds of thousands of Hungarian Jews were being shipped to the gas chambers. This period is one of the waypoints of pernicious Nazi race theory, when the collapsing German regime spent military resources urgently needed at the front to organize the mass slaughter of Jews.*

And they had to work fast, because by that next winter the Red Army was seizing Budapest. These enthusiastic fascist operators did not fare well by the postwar government.

Most photos from Kuruc.info (the garishly branded ones) and the Yad Vashem database (the not garishly branded).

Laszlo Endre under arrest.

Both men, just prior to their execution.

* To do justice to the breadth of the human capacity, this is also the time and place where we find Raoul Wallenberg minting lifesaving Swedish passports by the thousands.

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5 thoughts on “1946: Laszlo Baky and Laszlo Endre, Hungarian Holocaust authors

  1. My mother is a Holocaust survivor from Hungary. So many of my family were sent to Auschwitz because of those evil men. Thank you for this website. It is comforting to know that these murderers were punished.

  2. This method of executions is known as the “Austro-Hungarian “pole” method”

    The condemned is made to stand before a specialized vertical pole or pillar, approximately 10 feet (3.0 m) in height
    A rope is attached around the condemned’s feet and routed through a pulley at the base of the pole
    The condemned is hoisted to the top of pole by means of a sling running across the chest and under the armpits
    A narrow diameter noose is looped around the prisoner’s neck, then secured to a hook mounted at the top of the pole
    The chest sling is released, and the prisoner is rapidly jerked downward by the assistant executioners via the foot rope.
    The executioner stands on a stepped platform approximately 4 feet (1.2 m) high beside the condemned, and guides the head downward with his hand simultaneous to the efforts of his assistant

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  4. I am confused by the photos, what was the execution method for Baky and Endre?

    At first i thought they were to be hung, but then it appears they are prepared for a firing squad, and then it appears they were strangled?

  5. Excellent article(s). This is one of the most interesting sites I have come across and that’s saying a lot. Keep up the great work!

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