2013: Five beheaded and crucified in Jizan

Last year on this date, to the impotent howls of human rights groups, five men were beheaded in Jizan, Saudi Arabia and then “crucified.” “In Saudi Arabia, the practice of ‘crucifixion’ refers to the court-ordered public display of the body after execution,” Amnesty UK noted, “along with the separated head if beheaded. It takes place in a public square to allegedly act as a deterrent.”

Here’s how these five deterred. If you look closely you’ll see the “along with the separated heads” bobbing near each decapitated corpse in little white bags … and if you’re still not convinced, click for a ghastly higher-quality close-up view.

Image via Twitter (see e.g. here, here, and here.

Jizan is a city being developed as a deep water shipping depot by Saudi Aramco in Saudi Arabia’s extreme southwest corner near Yemen; this was the ethnicity of the executed men as well. According to the Saudi Interior Ministry, brothers Khaled, Adel and Qassem Saraa as well as Saif Ali al-Sahari and Khaled Showie al-Sahari comprised a gang who carried out robberies in various different cities. They beat and strangled to death at least one man.

As an inducement to more legitimate folk to stay on the straight and narrow, the quintuple gibbet evidently graced the environs of Jizan’s university. Study hard, lads.

A sixth and unconnected Saudi was also beheaded on the same date in the nearby city of Abha.

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3 thoughts on “2013: Five beheaded and crucified in Jizan

  1. “I find sharia to be a barbaric law. I’m all for capital punishment but only in the western sense”

    I wonder what Clayton Lockett would say: I bet the above executions didn’t (each) take **43** minutes.

    ALL murder, including state-murder (capital punishment) is cruel and barbaric. Abolish it!

  2. I pity the Arab dude that commits a crime under sharia. I find sharia to be a barbaric law. I’m all for capital punishment but only in the western sense, it says more about us as a society when our punishment is cruel than it does about the criminal concerned. Society should always be held to a higher moral standard, otherwise good people are as devolved as the criminals themselves. Also their system of law leaves much to be desired, I doubt the police looked too hard or long beyond these men for other suspects in the strangled man’s life.

    For my money, if you’re going to take a life, make sure it’s the right one. Make sure the end justifies the cause.

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