1852: Samuel Treadway

Hartford Courant, Nov. 20, 1852

Newark Daily Advertiser, Jan. 4, 1853

Baltimore Sun, Jan. 12, 1853

Philadelphia Inquirer, Jan. 21, 1853

Philadelphia Inquirer, March 4, 1853

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One thought on “1852: Samuel Treadway

  1. The article from the January 12th 1853 Baltimore Sun that is printed in the middle of this chain of events gives a plausible explination for the death of a baby. I think that a more probable explination is that the mother killed the child to reduce household expenses. Then the mother coached the eight year old son on how to take the fall for the murder. It would not surprise me that the police knew what really happened but decided that it was a family matter and did not persue the case.

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