1926: Anteo Zamboni, Mussolini near-assassin, lynched 1946: Arthur Robert Boyce, the king’s housekeeper’s lover

Eleventh Hour: Executed Today’s (cursory) 11th annual report

October 31st, 2018 Headsman

Halloween 2018 makes it 11 years to the day since Executed Today was born on a Cologne breaking-wheel.

On this day..

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2 thoughts on “Eleventh Hour: Executed Today’s (cursory) 11th annual report”

  1. adriano says:

    Why dont you add more from the Western Balkans? For example, the legend of the first uprising to eliminate serfdom in Zagreb. Dont recall name of protagonist (it is fiction, based on legend), was to place a red-hot iron crown of thrones on his head. The rebellions to create a free Zagreb did happen. There are landmarks in front of the Croatian Parliament.

  2. Linksysdge says:

    55 thousand Greek, 30 thousand Armenian

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