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1521: The rebel Ribbings

December 23rd, 2019 Headsman

On this date in 1521, the Swedish rebel brothers Lindorm and Peder Ribbing were beheaded in Jönköping.

This event fell during the brief reign of the Danish king Christian II over Sweden, notably distinguished by the previous year’s Stockholm Bloodbath. Christian held Sweden only by force of arms and his continual bloody exertions to put down resistance have blackened his name in Swedish annals as “Christian the Tyrant”.

While the Ribbings were merely minor rebels in a country teeming with umbrage, their executions contributed a particularly atrocious (albeit perhaps folklorish) episode to that tyrannous reputation.

Not only the brothers themselves but their children also were put to death … and the story has it that after Lindorm Ribbing’s eldest son lost his head, his five-year-old brother pitiably implored the headsman, “My good man. Please do not stain my shirt as you did my brother’s or my mother will spank me.” Moved to tears, the executioner then discarded his sword and exclaimed, “Never! Sooner shall my own shirt be stained then I would stain yours.” Both he and the little boy then got the chop from a less sentimental swordsman.

On this day..

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3 thoughts on “1521: The rebel Ribbings”

  1. history says:

    Were there any other children executed by beheading in the history that have been documented?

  2. Allison Kendrick says:

    Correction, it was played by Chicago Symphony Orchestra

  3. Allison Kendrick says:

    There is a classical music piece about this execution event called the Ballad And nocturne of Christian the all incidental music. That was just played on WRR 101.1 in Dallas Texas (I heard it on their app) as part of the Cincinnati Ohio Symphony Orchestra concert.

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