Themed Set: The “Ex” Stands for “Extrajudicial”

Somewhere in the foggy marches that stretch between a ceremonial Tyburn hanging and the many guises of lethal collective violence in the workaday world dwells the editorial discretion of Executed Today, keeping a lonely vigil at a forgotten customs-post.

What, after all, is an execution?

This site has dallied before, and will dally again, with those border cases — summary executions and borderline executions.

Joined thematically as near-executions, these next three days are of themselves as different from one another as three different killings can be … suggesting the topical breadth spanned by the ultimate sanction.

On this day..

4 thoughts on “Themed Set: The “Ex” Stands for “Extrajudicial”

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  4. ah, but like crowds beneath the gallows
    patient, unruly
    we will wait
    bide our time until

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