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2005: Mohammed Bijeh, the desert vampire

March 16th, 2009 Headsman

On this date in 2005, Iran “desert vampire” was flogged to the point of collapse and hanged before a bloodthirsty throng in Pakdasht.

Mohammed Bijeh collapses during his flogging (top); then, as he is hoisted by a crane — with what one would take to be the stab wound from a victim’s brother visible on his back. More frightful photos of this execution here.

Bijeh confessed to raping and murdering 16 boys age 8 to 15 over a yearlong spree.

His modus operandi? Lure them into the desert on the pretext of hunting animals.

Unsurprisingly a figure of intense public hatred, Bijeh stolidly endured his own death before a jeering mob.

Riot police held back the angry crowd, but at one point a brother of one of the victims managed to break through and stab Bijeh in the back.

After 100 lashes, the desert vampire was noosed to a crane arm by one of the victims’ mothers, and hoisted 10 meters into the air for public strangulation, to the cheers of onlookers who had to be restrained from savaging the body when it was finally brought down.

An accomplice, Ali Baghi, somehow avoided execution and got off with whipping and a prison term.

On this day..

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8 thoughts on “2005: Mohammed Bijeh, the desert vampire”

  1. sam hall says:

    Rapes and murders 16 boys and ‘well, what about his childhood?’

  2. Absurdus says:

    So dumb to murder a murderer.
    It’s so easy for people to simply receive their “justice”.
    This way the authorities never have to change anything in the community to avoid monsters like this man being born.
    They simply kill a man and the people are happy; they feel that justice has been served and all is right.
    Meanwhile, a kid that watched this execution is now developing their obsession over murder and torture while his drunk father beats him, and he grows in a poor neighborhood.
    And their parents never fix anything, and the community never improves.
    And this kid grows and kills a bunch of people, and rapes them and tortures them.
    And we kill them.
    And nothing is fixed, nothing is better.
    We just won’t change.

  3. Richard says:

    The death penalty has always been a religious punishment; these torturers and executioners could move to the bible-belt of the United States and feel right at home.

    1. Guy Montag says:

      They are more common in Godless Communist countries than anywhere in the world.

      1. Tim says:

        Iran is communist?

  4. Fabiana Dairel says:

    Bem feito, esse canalha fez por onde merecer!!!
    O Brasil deveria seguir esse exemplo, ou seja, executar canalhas como esse Mohammed Bijeh. Mas, tenho certeza que o Brasil nunca seguirá esse exemplo, porque os primeiros executados seriam os politicos brasileiros.

  5. Sujan says:

    You are right ISO lets kill all the civilians and children there. After all they aren’t people


  6. ISO says:

    down with IRAN. i wish some day america through every single atom bombs on iranien soil. and erase the map of iran from earth’s map. long live america and die iran.

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