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1950: American soldiers during the Korean War

July 10th, 2011 Headsman

Jensen’s counterattack [during the Battle of Chochiwon in the opening days of the Korean War] in the afternoon [of July 10] uncovered the first known North Korean mass atrocity perpetrated on captured American soldiers. The bodies of six Americans, jeep drivers and mortar-men of the Heavy Mortar Company, were found with hands tied in back and shot through the back of the head. Infiltrating enemy soldiers had captured them in the morning when they were on their way to the mortar position with a resupply of ammunition. An American officer farther back witnessed the capture. One of the jeep drivers managed to escape when the others surrendered. (Source, specifically)

Photograph of a U.S. Army 21st Infantry Regiment soldier executed July 10, 1950.

On this day..

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  1. Vitalu says:

    Well said Fabian. Well said

  2. dusty roads says:

    Fabian, you are a vert sick man to say that. HOPEFULLY you will never have to deal with cancer. Get some professional help while you still can.

  3. Fabian Edlinger says:

    i hope all american soldiers die from cancer..a very terible and long painfull death

    1. Adeline says:

      Fabian- May your wishes be visited upon you, and may your life be interminable.

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