2014: A.R. and N.J., a double hanging caught on video

The initials of the two men in the double hanging are all the identification I have found — but the spectacle of this February 15, 2014 public double hanging in Karaj amid fulsome praise for both God and the state security forces is a riveting horror.

Warning: Mature Content. Two men die in this video.

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7 thoughts on “2014: A.R. and N.J., a double hanging caught on video

  1. Horrific but striking. Was that Cotton Mather or the Newgate Ordinary on the megaphone? There seems to be a striking resemblence between the rituals of capital punishment in contemporary Iran and in Britain and British America at the time of the Bloody Codes. The “dying game” Majid Kavousifar (I noticed there’s a link, above), as some of the more political cases, suggest some similarities in the cultures of resistance, as well.

  2. They should have cut off the tongue of that hysteric speaker and then hang him for good ! Allah is not akbar who tolerates such moron !

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