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1972: The rapists of Maggie dela Riva

May 17th, 2009 Headsman

On this date in 1972, Jaime Jose, Basilio Pineda and Edgardo Aquino were electrocuted* in Muntinlupa for the gang-rape of actress Maggie de la Riva (or dela Riva) five years before.

The rising young actress had scarcely wavered after the assault before courageously making the always-fraught rape charge against a quartet** of attackers themselves from elite families. (The particulars are recounted in the Supreme Court ruling.)

J’accuse! Maggie de la Riva identifies two of the culprits just five days after her gang rape. Talk about facing your accuser; according to the accompanying article, “the frail-looking mestiza was a picture of righteous indignation as she extended her arms, showed her bruises, and asked Pineda, pointedly: ‘Do you remember these?'”

The case was a media sensation from day one. The Philippine film blog Video 48 republished a three-part series on the rapists’ capture (parts 1 and 2) and execution (part 3), complete with the desperate efforts of the offenders’ families to save them.

The victim herself continued her acting career.

Decades later, she’s still a public personality, and seems to have made peace with and moved on from her famous ordeal with impressive equanimity.

When that misfortune happened to me, I realized that although my body was raped my true self was never defiled and that there’s another person in me that’s beautiful, strong and true. The old Maggie has faded away. I look at my experience as something that happened to someone else who is no longer the person I am today. (Source)

* The Philippines adopted use of the electric chair in the early 20th century from the U.S., its colonial ruler at the time. It’s the only country besides the United States to have used the chair.

** One of the four condemned to death for the rape, Rogelio Canial, died in prison of a drug overdose several months before the executions.

On this day..

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74 thoughts on “1972: The rapists of Maggie dela Riva”

  1. obersleutnant nil jawa-a dagoy says:

    those people are SERIAL RAPISTS!! maggie is not the 1st! and if they are freed she will not be the last! so all of you clean and conscientious individuals here who advocated for non death penalty for those rapist, may you be raped and sodomized in Hell by these same demons! then you will feel at least how it felt to be in the receiving end!

  2. kagbalete says:

    at jaime, you are a fool, some day you will burn for your stupidity… at this point we are the only country in asia which does not have the death penalty…. in other countries around here including our richer neighbors they execute people for lesser offenses… and in the american south they do likewise…. but i think it is useless to argue with stupid people like you…. by the way i am an atheist so don’t use your christian bullshit on me…..

  3. akojaimenadevil says:

    Anong uri ang pag iisip meron isang tao kung siya ang pumapanig pa sa kriminal imbes sa biktima,Dapat ipasuri sa doktor na dalubhasa sa uri ng sakit sa pag iisip dahil tiyak may sayad o maluwag ang turnilyo ng kanyang utak.
    Kung susuriin ninyo anumang uri ng batas na ipinatutupad sa buong mundo, ay malalaman nyo na sa bansang Saudi Arabia na ipinatutupad ang batas Sharia ay pinakababa ang crime rate kumpara sa bansa sa buong mundo na ang batas ay secular at hindi Islamic Shariah tulad sa Saudi Arabia. Binabanggit ko lamang ang bansang Saudi Arabia ang bukod tangi sa mga Islamic country na ipinatutupad and batas shariah. At ang isa sa mga kaso na dapat parusahan ng kamatayan ay ang krimen na panggagahasa.

  4. josef says:

    kung ako marape hihingi na lang ako ng 1million sa family ng rapists at least walang parties na kokontra.

  5. alona says:

    Madaling makaramdam ng awa sa mga convicted criminals lalo na kung hindi ikaw o sino man sa mga kaanak mo ang ginawaan ng kahayupan. Walang iniwan yan sa mga snatchers at holdapers, pag nahuli sila at nabugbog nakakaawa tignan pero kung hindi sila nahuli… nakakaawa yung biktima kasi yung pera pinaghirapan niya kitain ibang tao ang nakinabang.

  6. alona says:

    Para sa akin tama lang na binitay yung apat na rapist kasi hindi lang naman si Maggie Dela Riva ang naging biktima nila, marami pa. Si Maggie lang ang nagkaroon ng lakas ng loob at tapang na lumantad para sabihin sa madla na siya ay ni-rape. Iyong ibang na-rape ng gang na iyon ayaw lumantad dahil sa kahihiyan at takot. Tama nga na tinutukan ng media ang case na iyan kasi maimpluwensiya ang pamilya ng mga suspects eh, kaya yung ibang victim ayaw na magsumbong dahil sa takot. Imagine, kung hindi lumantad si Maggie eh siguradong hindi siya ang huling biktima noon. Sigurado marami pa gagahasain ang grupo ni Jaime Jose kasi trip talaga nilang magbarkada iyon eh. Noong time na binitay sila 14 years old ako noon eh, ang radyo namin laging nakatutok sa balita na yan.

  7. rapistkiller says:

    tama lang yan sa mga rapist kahit ngayon wala nang death penalty dapat sa mga yan nde naq dinadala sa kulungan pinapatay na agad bka dumami pa bkit kelangan mang rape eh ang daming sauna jan anjan ang kremlin , mystique at marami pang sauna kung ala ka pera di magsarili ka nde kelanagn mang rape at mamilit

  8. tama lang_yun says:

    huwag niyo na ngang ikatwiran na hindi maka-kristyano ang pagbitay sa tatlong halimaw na yun, alam naman nila na may batas na BITAY sa pilipinas nung time na yun, pero nagpakagago pa rin sila sa buhay nila, kaya sila mismong humatol ng kamatayan sa kanila! period!!

  9. jovan ivanov says:

    Maggie deserved for them to die. She was violated. She is a woman and as such must be respected by All men. Death is the penalty for violating a lady.

  10. Meaghan Good says:

    I am in agreement. Well said, bfffl.

  11. mabille says:

    WOw bfffl, you are so amazing. So talented in expressing your thoughts to words 😮 I hope to be like you someday

  12. bfffl says:

    To those who have commented pro or against Maggie, I believe what you all are really saying, are the same things that most believe, think and opine, if we put that into perspective.

    1) Maggie was the victim, lived to tell her story, & saw the execution of her aggressors, or rapists (whatever is the appropriate term);
    2) Jose, Pineda, Aquino, Canial were tried, found guilty, sentenced, convicted, & executed.
    3) True, we are 3rd world country, the influence of colonialism (of Uncle Sam) was strong in 60’s.
    4) No joke to be a victim, no joke, too to be in death row.
    5) There are different coping mechanisms of victims. And there are victims that do not come out, especially if the offender or rapist is in the family.

    Therefore, please, consider these:

    1) Do not condemn d victim as she did what she had to do, stand up so that those who are wronged, victimized get the justice as provided by our justice system. Maggie in this case, has inspired many molested, or raped women to come in the open, pursue their cases, etc. It is not the fault of Maggie that these 4 were convicted, w/ the 3 dying in the Electric Chair. It was our justice system that prevailed. It was mandated by law at that time that RAPE is meted the death penalty by electric chair. So MAGGIE cannot be evil for standing up for herself & for her right, because she did not rule “Capital Punishment”. It was the dictate of the law. She only told her story & candidly pointed to the perpetrators.

    2) Whether Christian or Muslim, or of any religion, race or creed, we should not be espousing the death penalty, but rather, fight for Life sentences for such crimes. Being a God fearing humanity, PRO LIFE is should be our battle cry, not PRO Death. . I do not believe that offenders be killed, because they lose a 2nd shot at life, & letting them live is, in fact, more of a punishment as they are made to realize the gravity of their act, & be given chance to repent, to be reformed, & to give back to society what they can while they can, while they still have their precious life on earth.

    3) It is not how long the ordeal was that matters. Bottom line of this, .. rape is a degrading, insulting, painful, physically/ morally abusive, psychologically burning experience, & a blow to any one’s self esteem &chastity. Some turn to God, some turn to the Law, some turn to Support Groups, some withdraw., worst some take vengeance by personally going against the criminals. Maggie took the legal way. The Justice system of this country applied what was legally mandated.

    4) Goodness begets goodness, and it cuts both ways. There is no room for human compassion for victims of rape or any crime. It is justice that is the predominant cry. If you have ever been a victim of any circumstance, then you would understand that yearning to seek justice is strong.

    5) If your rapist is someone dear to you, father, brother, grandfather, uncle, etc, you will definitely have 2nd thoughts about opening your mouth & going to the police. & you will be subjected to ridicule or disbelief by your own family, threatening to disown you if you go public. Sad but it is true, it happens. Those that keep mum is not because of human compassion. It is because of fear or being ostracized by your family, or because of the shame & consequences of such public complaint.

    6) For those who frown and ridicule, those saying the rapists deserved to die, I am sure that does not mean they are PRO DEATH. Just shows that they lauded the justice department for wielding the hand of justice for Maggie. IF at that time, Life Sentence was the penalty for rape, I am sure the comments will go something like, “Good for them that they are locked for life and they should throw away the key”. People were just reacting to what happened, not because they are non-believers of the FAITH.

    So to those who seem to be on the other side of the fence of Maggie, may be you mean well, it is just that you were not able to be express yourselves profoundly & proficiently that how you communicated your perspectives leaves a lot to be desired.

    Lesson here, never utter or dare speak in tongues that you are neither comfortably familiar, nor proficient as your thoughts, opinions & convictions may not be expounded, leaving you ridiculed, persecuted & insulted. In short, do not attempt eloquence, where there is none, otherwise it becomes our deathbed of iniquities, our springboard of profanities, & our pothole of inanities ….

    Cheers, everyone 🙂

  13. Jaime says:

    Dear Pein and all the other extremely ignorant and evil people who posted after me before (except Sphenodon), the things you say betray your stupidity. It is due to fools like all of you that Philippines is regarded by the rest of the world as the joke of Asia and a third world country.

    If any of you consider yourselves to be Christian then know that you are not, you are phoney and fake Christians, you sound like bloodthirsty members of another prominent religion.

    Maggie WAS NOT KILLED!, she wasn’t even beaten she is alive! While rape is a bad crime it cannot be punished by murdering someone else, even in the Unitd States no one had been executed for rape since 1964.

    And yes perhaps it is wrong but I will be very happy and will conduct a tremendous celebration when I hear this Maggie is dead and lekely in Satan’s arms.

    “florentino aquino capili” clealy you are the one living in a fools world and are simply stupid and ignorant of facts.

    It is almost humourous that someone who speaks from hell lists their name here as “heaven” that is one way that satan is trying to trick us.

  14. heaven says:

    to Sphenodon and jaime both of you are ignorance of whats the true meaning of a victim, perhaps if this scenario will happen on your family im sure even yourself you can kill this bastard with your hands just to get the payment…now a days we need to bring back this maximum penalty because lots of our fellow kababayan are being victim of this brutal rape cases and yet our govenment are not doin anything to penalize this culprits…i just wish one day i can be a president of the philippines and see what will happen for those bad guys.. i swear they will cry and even wish not to be born ion this world they will suffer the most horrible time of their lives… for me i didnt think humanity because the moment this guys doin this wrong things they detached themselve for being a human.. so guys wait for this wish will happen and sure i will make justice for all….

  15. Liam says:

    If life is important to God then you should take care of it because when you lost it, nothing in this world can secure another in place of the lost one. this i think of what Jesus wanted to imply in his book.

    Do good to other people while still living and seek God’s mercy and protection from anyone who wants to harm you.

    Sacrificing your life for the sake of welfare is better and pleasing to the Lord.

    Just remember. Creating Us in the flesh that came from dirt reflected the purpose of God on humankind. And we are not here to do that wished to please our desire in full.

    Everything will come to end no matter how you earned treasures on this life.
    they will all return to earth as where they came from.

    The only thing that will be remembered is your life style while living and this is where the Judgment of God will commence.

  16. Liam says:

    I guessed rape can also be synonymous to killing one’s right to exist normally and this is what the prosecution mean of their decisions to hand down death to them.
    because as long as these criminals chose to have lived, their conscience will reduce them to a simply
    guilt-stricken conscience and it will devastate the whole sound being from doing good that may be presumed to go worst than of what they had been if the court chose them to live.
    Rape is stealing one’s property and therefore a sin to God.
    Unfortunately not one of them made a decision to marry her that will change the course of trial.

    it’s true! Jesus was sometime said that life was more important than anything else in this world.

    But if we viewed them all of what is written in the bible we can say the Law of God is higher than life for God can issue death on those who transgressed his law of Love.
    So Death is better than living in sin because Living in sin is like living in Hell.

  17. Simon says:

    Who the hell is Jaime ! ! The only one person who is asking to turn everything around ? ? I wonder what would happen or how does it feel like a forced anal sex with your sister or your female companion ? I did tried Anal sex before with my girlfriend. Oh Yeah ! That feels good with someone you know and getting along with. But that’s a different story. But , I don’t know about you ! ! If you can see something that’s very very inappropriate or a very serious offence to somebody against their will and decision. The justice system and the public is not going to be in your side ! ! You can’t demonstrate this in front of your children of how to be a Sex Predator ! !

  18. Andres Gamboa says:

    Jaime..saka mo na lang sabihin yung mga sinabi mo kay maggie..kapag nangyari ito sa isa sa mga anak mo..sa panahon ngayon evrything will happen..

  19. BR says:

    if not for the death penalty, these men could have victimized much more women, including your families and friends. if not for Maggie, justice will not be served. Maggie did not want to hurt anyone, she wanted justice and too bad during that time justice for this kind of crime is death penalty. I think God let this happened for us to realize and remember that everything has its equal returns.

  20. Sphenodon says:

    To all those who push for the capital punishment of the men, well I assume you’re not Christians at all and you know nothing of forgiveness and I assume you don’t receive holy communion. Unless you were really there during the rape, you could never really say who’s evil and who’s not. Stop condemning people who simply express their opinion. It’s a shame to live in a country of people who make the sign of the cross, receive holy communion on sundays and scream for the execution of others. Is this a legacy that we want to leave to our children? Go ahead, criticize my opinion, keep condemning those you call evil, and go to church and believe you have fought a good fight and give yourself a pat on the back while proclaiming yourself a defender of justice, faith and women. God bless you for your goodness and may God burn people like me in hell while you laugh your hearts out in heaven.

  21. Jaypee says:


    Try watching some of maggie’s movie before and after the rape case, dun mo marerealize how simple she was and she did not deserve to be raped (as well as other ladies out therE) and her rapists shall be killed in the electric chair.

    Kung di ka pa rin naliliwanagan, try giving me your mother or anak na babae., Ill gonna show you what;s real

  22. Jaypee says:

    They deserve it

  23. Mark Maycock says:

    They fried real hard in those chairs. They thrashed about, they deserved the huge pain.

  24. Mark Maycock says:

    Those men fried real hard for what they did, they fried them to bits.

  25. gila says:

    Just watched the movie at PBO.i was born 1984.dont have knowledge about dis.kanina lang talaga.SALUTE ako for this case kase khit papano meron JUSTICE

  26. gagong jaime says:

    Sira nga ulo mo Mr. Jaime…halata din nga sa pangalan mo pa lang. Dahil nilagay mo pa talagang name ang isa sa name ng rapists….di hamak na sinapian ka ata ng kaluluwa ni Jaime, the one of the rapist, (dahil di mo yan nasabi dati in front of Maggie nung buhay ka pa….kawawa ka lang kasi utak tuyo ka…kaya yan napala mo…)
    GUNGGONG ka nga!!!!

    Hindi mo lang alam na pwede na mang maging humane ang case na yun kung inamin lang nila ang katotohana kaso di sila umamin dahil may pinagmamalaki sila. Akala nila, since influencial ang families nila, kaya nilang bilhin ang justice. At least man lang sa case na to, naging fair ang justice dito sa atin. Since then naman talaga, ang mga mayayaman at influencial dito sa atin ay hindi napaparusahan. Kaya nararapat lang yun bilang leksyon sa mga abusadong mayayaman…

  27. Tanginamojaime says:

    Jaime is one of the relatives of the culprits. its obvious he just wants attention for his remarks. Savor this moment Jaime cz this is the day you are rebuked. train to reign the good way, not the evil way.

  28. dear jaime,
    this is for your not being bright at all. i am very ashamed of you!
    ano kaya kung ikaw si Ms. Maggie, pinaso nang todo sa katawan, do you see those burns and ugly marks on her arms? that’s just her arms, buddy! she said that they burned her body while they hung her na nakagapos nahubad. talagang tanga ka Mr. Jaime, di marunong tumingin o bumasa.
    baka gawa-gawa mo lang ang pagsali dito sa website na ito para mapansin ka ng mga tao. heto tuloy ang napala mo, marami kang criticism na hindi maganda. dapat magkaisa tayo pagdating sa justice. sana matauhan ka at gumising bukas na maganda ang kalooban sa kapwa mo, especially sa mga mahihinang babae gaya ng mahal mong ina at kapatid na babae.

  29. lorena says:

    hay naku, itong mga pinoy na di ata nakapag-aral!
    di maganda ang ma-rape okay, apat pa. the 4 of them physically abused her delicate body, stripped her naked of her purity & honor, & mercilessly never listened to her cries. could you forgive them, 1 helpless woman against 4 evil men?
    Hey you Jaime so and so, you damn listen!
    smarten up, take up law, & fight against rape instead of being w/ us in this blogsite. and please, do not forget that you have a mother, sister, niece or daughter, and female friends.

    good luck to you, and may God forgive you for your evil thoughts about our very own Maggie dela Riva. she doesn’t deserve to be treated as such. Please, pinoy men, love our our dear Filipinas, that’s all i pray hard everyday.

  30. viewer says:

    ang nagkasala dapat parusahan, period…!

  31. FUCKYOUJAIME says:

    @Jaime: Why is she the evil person when those guys raped her? Those guys died but when they did, the story was over… Maggie had to live with what they did for the rest of her life. And your comment made me realize that you may be capable of doing such crime.

  32. maria says:

    Jaime probably has no idea what kind of ordeal somebody goes through after becoming a victim of rape. Life is never the same again. Deep- rooted problems arise many years after the incident, and it doesn’t just go away. It is a life wasted and healing comes only after acceptance and forgiveness. Evil are those who commit the crime, victims are those who suffer from those evil doers.

  33. lele says:

    i remembered this story…that is the law in the Philippines. If you found guilty of raped then you will be executed. Blame it to Phil. government not to Maggie.

  34. Nelle says:

    Look up the proceedings in court and read the real account of Maggie.. as against her abductors. Those men deserved the justice imposed upon them.. death! I would say.. sweet justice for Maggie! My hats off to Maggie for her courage in coming out with the truth.. exposing everything .. .. so that justice can take its course. Sadly, this generation has forgotten and many criminals can go scot-free for such a heinous crime.

  35. novel_imager says:

    Well, Maggie de la Riva actually lived and wasn’t physically disabled or anything. It’s a backward country like the Philippines to kill 3 guys who didn’t actually kill her. But capital punishment exists no more there (for the time being anyway). My beef is this…if Maggie were so special, that those guys had to die, why wasn’t she made to strap them into that electric chair and pulling the switch herself? That is the essence of the death penalty. Could YOU actually kill someone, strap him in and pull the switch like that as opposed to merely having them incarcerated for a long time?

  36. novel_imager says:

    Well, if Maggie de la Riva lived. It’s a backward country like the Philippines to kill 3 guys who didn’t actually kill her. But capital punishment exists no more there (for the time being anyway). My beef is this…if Maggie were so special, that those guys had to die, why wasn’t she made to strap them into that electric chair and pulling the switch herself? That is the essence of the death penalty. Could YOU actually kill someone, strap him in and pull the switch like that as opposed to merely having them incarcerated for a long time?

  37. florentino aquino capili says:

    Yeah, I’m really so rather disgusted and stunned by this Jaime saying Maggie Dela Riva is the evil one. Clearly he does not understand what happened. He is lost in his own world. Poor Jaime!

  38. alison says:

    i wont say na evil si maggie for pushing death on those men who raped her but i can say that she fails in the human compassion department. i live in the states so maybe thats why i am against capital punishment. i was a rape victim myself and while her ordeal lasted for 2 and a half hours, mine was done by 2 men in many occassions from the age of 4 up to when i was 13. i have forgiven those men even before they went to jail for their crime and have moved on with my life.. i am working now as a counselor for unwed mothers, rape victims and other disadvantaged women. i believe that no one deserves to be put to death no matter what his/her sin may be, let god take away the life he creates. i am not a saint, or am i am pretending to be saint-like. but certainly, i do agree with the saying “to err is human, but to forgive is divine.

  39. raymond says:

    maggie mahal na kita kahit nauna kang pinanganak!

  40. ewan says says:


    siguro relative niya yung mga suspects! malamang!

  41. WarrenPeace says:


    Kung nanay mo, kapatid mong babae, asawa at anak mo ang na rape, hahayaan mo lng ba? mas maawa ka sa mga ng rape kesa sa kanila? Eh gago ka pala eh! naawa ka sa mga rapist? kung naawa ka, pa rape mo na lng nanay mo sa kanila para hindi na yung ibang tao ang ma rape! tutal naawa k naman sa kanila dba?? gunggong!!!

  42. Pein says:

    Jaime Says:
    July 3rd, 2010 at 7:31 am
    Maggie dela Riva did prove herself to be a truly extremely evil person.
    She was not killed, they never even attempted to kill her yet she stood by and even encouraged that those boys be killed, that is evidence or pure evilness.

    Maggie dela Riva is extremely evil because she wanted those rapist be killed? If you were in her shoes what would you do? Free those people who raped you? If those people were innocent I would definitely agree to you, however they were proven guilty. Why on earth would Maggie dela Riva be evil? She is only seeking for justice. You must be out of your mind, you speak as if you know what you are saying. Those criminals deserve to die. I cannot believe that people like you exists in this world. Grabe imbes na yung mga criminals yung cnbhan mong evil, yung na rape pa. Unbelievable.

  43. RSROMERO says:

    We are living in a civilized world and being so, we are governed by moral rules and laws to keep and maintain our civilization. What happened to the case is a clear example of civilized justice system in action, whether we like it or not.

    We can only say what we believe but it will be different story if we will be put in the place of the victim. But one thing is sure. If a thing was allowed by God, it will be ultimately for the good and interest of the those whose fear HIm.

    God Bless.

  44. Jaime says:

    Maggie dela Riva did prove herself to be a truly extremely evil person.

    She was not killed, they never even attempted to kill her yet she stood by and even encouraged that those boys be killed, that is evidence or pure evilness.

    I hope that I may see her one day so that I may spit upon her, I hope her life has been filled with nothing but pain and misery though the next life for her will no doubt be much worse.

    1. Ting Aquino says:

      Wow! How could you have said that Maggie was pure evil? Supposing it was your Mom, sister or any other female member of the family who got raped and tortured like the way Maggie experienced? Would you still say the same thing of your dear family member? I doubt.

  45. remi says:

    i was born 1965 which makes me only 2 years old when this happened, but the whole account of the story was repeatedly told to us by my parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents and almost every adult during those times. i remember my father saying the 4 men belongs to prominent families. i hope and i wish this history will still cotinue to educate future generations. my respect and adulation goes to miss maggie. at the same time i also wish the families of the 4 men have moved on and recovered. we have learned so much lessons from this one, may those lessons be instilled in our minds, in our hearts forever…

  46. I’m so proud to miss maggie dela riva she so amazing person,.i have a high respect for miss maggie i’m so pround of u mam and i’m sure all of the pilipino who watch ur story potrayed by dawn zulueta is crying because it is a true to life story……good bless miss maggie take care of ur self….

  47. james says:

    i was born 1979 but i knew the case coz my grand father told us about the case. our interest are more on the old issues that struck the philippines. we even watched the movie potrayed by dawn zulueta by carlo caparas.

  48. marissa de la fuente says:

    i remember that day cause all of the philippines was glued to the radio as each of these men walked to their death,I have high respect for Miss Maggie de la Riva even to this day,i now live in the U.S. and still for me she is i considered admirable for her courage and bravery to stand against her attackers and their families,Thanks for the late President Marcos for standing and believing Miss Maggie de la Riva.

  49. Percival O. Flores says:

    I remember vividly the day when the three rapists were executed. I was 8 years old then. It happned in the middle of our summer vacation. I recall it was a hot day. All radio sets appeared to be glued on the accounts of the condemned men’s electrocution, from Jaime Jose’s fainting and being revived by ammonia down to the detail of their last lunch. According to accounts they would have had all the Filipino delicacies and even ice cream for dessert, but they wouldn’t eat and just smoked cigarettes. First to go was Jaime Jose, then Basilio Pineda, and finally Edgardo Aquino. Mothers and grandmothers had a field day lecturing to the kids to behave lest they suffer the same fate as the three executed convicts.

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