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1944: French collaborator in Rennes

November 21st, 2011 Headsman

This U.S. Army photo from a few months after D-Day is filed simply thus:

“Photo taken at the instant bullets from a French firing squad hit a Frenchman who collaborated with the Germans. This execution took place in Rennes, France.” Himes, November 21, 1944.

Click to see a larger image of this stunning photo — or, take in this huge copy.

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7 thoughts on “1944: French collaborator in Rennes”

  1. Kevin M. Sullivan says:

    Fiz– I know. 🙂

  2. Fiz says:

    It doesn’t stop me from hating it as a term.

  3. Kevin M. Sullivan says:

    Addition: The fellow from the Charlemagne Division was apparently on detached service, and was fighting with a regular SS unit during the Normandy Campaign. The rest of the SS troops captured that day were taken prisoner, and the traitor was handed over to elements of the 4th Commando believing he’d receive swift justice.

  4. Kevin M. Sullivan says:

    Hi Fiz–

    Here in the U.S., the term “gay” has taken on a second meaning, having nothing to do with gay persons or homosexuality. If someone says “That’s a bit gay, Isn’t it?”, it means odd, or weird, or even (mostly), funny. Folks using it totally disassociate the use of the word from gay people, and in fact, it would make no sense to reference gays here.

    So no harm was meant by Channon. 🙂

  5. Kevin M. Sullivan says:

    Many French men fought with the Germans during the war. The SS even recruited them, and from these efforts created the Charlemagne Division. French troops also fought with the German Army prior to this time.

    A former French Commando I interviewed in Paris in July of 1972, told of his unit capturing a Frenchman fighting with the SS Charlemagne Division, and after interrogating him for a few minutes, asked him: “Where do you want to be buried? By that tree, or by those bushes?” He was then walked over to a spot about twenty feet away and shot.

  6. Fiz says:

    Since when did “gay” become a word for a cheap shot?

  7. channon grant says:

    bit gay, dont you think!!! who would what to die that way?!?!

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